Shower And Bath

Shower And Bath

We have a great selection of Shower and Bath products from bath oils, bath foams and soaks, body washes and shower gels, whether you need to feel invigorated, relaxed or de-stressed we have the product for you. Choose from one of our professional skincare brands, including Decleor, Dermalogica, Neom, Tisserand and Aromatherapy Associates.



Tisserand Rose And Geranium Leaf Bath Soak 200ml

With skin pampering pomegranate and nourishing almond botanical extracts.

£10.95 £8.95


Aromatherapy Associates De Stress Muscle Bath And Shower Oil 55ml

A feast for all the senses, experience the goodness of nature as it works to help release stiffness and discomfort in muscles and joints

£47.00 £42.00


Decleor Super Size Rose Bath And Shower Gel 400ml

A limited edition super size soothing bath and shower gel infused with Rose essential oil to soothe your senses.

£26.00 £24.00


Hope's Relief Goats Milk Body Wash 250ml

This body wash reduces the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. Ideal for sensitive skin.



Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath And Shower Oil 55ml

The uplifting and positive fragrance will help focus the mind and calm thoughts, with a unique blend of Clary Sage, Frankincense and Cardamom.

£49.00 £38.00


Sienna X Ph Balance Face And Body Wash 200ml

SiennaX Face and Body wash, is specifically designed for self tan. Indulged with a gorgeous lemongrass and ginger fragrance.

£11.95 £9.00


Organic Hand And Body Wash Number 5 With Green Tea And Citrus

Gently cleanse skin leaving it feeling soft, scented and enveloped with Green Tea and citrus, like a fresh morning breeze.

£15.00 £10.00


Spongelle Body Wash You Have My Heart On A string

A heart shaped body buffer to use in the shower with a luxury scented body wash, to gently cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.

£12.95 £10.50


Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath And Shower Oil 100ml

A potent and effective blend that instantly helps calm a busy mind and ensures a good nights sleep. Now in a luxury 100ml size.