Redken Brews For Men

Redken Brews For Men

Redken Brews For Men is a range of high performance grooming products, infused with protein rich and nourishing malt extract, from hair care to styling and now grooming, beard and face products. All products are technologically advanced and results driven to give you exactly what you need so that you look your best wherever you go.


Redken Brews Mens 3 In 1 Shampoo 300ml

Cleanses and conditions hair and washes body, for freshness from head to toe, excellent for softening and hydrating the skin.


Redken Brews Mens Beard Oil 30ml

Groom your beard, soften facial hair and the skin beneath so your beard looks and feels great. Made from 99% natural ingredients.


Redken Brews Mens Clay Pomade 100ml

Suitable for all hair types, especially fine to create textured, bed head styles with strong hold, minimal effort and a gritty finish.


Redken Brews Mens Daily Shampoo 300ml

For all hair types, gently cleanses without stripping the hair of moisture leaving it shiny and revitalised. Suitable for every day.


Redken Brews Mens Hairspray 125ml

Get buildable hold and take control of your style with this innovative styling spray that will set your hair in place with its lightweight mist.


Redken Brews Mens Maneuver Cream Pomade 100ml

Light weight and easy to use, with clean, moldable texture and definition that lets you redirect, construct, reinvent and redesign your style. Pliable texture with low shine and medium control.


Redken Brews Mens Mint Shampoo 300ml

Invigorating shampoo for your hair and scalp, delivers a cooling sensation, removing impurities and product build up so that hair feels clean, fresh and hydrated, helping your hair to grow strong with daily use.


Redken Brews Mens Outplay Texture Pomade 100ml

Maximum control with a matte finish, for texture and definition with no stiffness or greasy residue.


Redken Brews Mens Shave Cream 150ml

Suitable for all skin types to give you a close and comfortable shave. Skin feels smooth, moisturised and nourished after use. Dermatologist tested to be suitable for sensitive skin.


Redken Brews Mens Silver Shampoo 300ml

This shampoo gently eliminates the build up of impurities, whilst gradually reducing unwanted yellow tones in white hair. Experience a true cool silver colour with minimised brassiness.


Redken Brews Mens Wax Pomade 100ml

Create polished, slicked back and pompadour hair styles with a natural looking shine, suitable for all hair types.


Redken Brews Mens Work Hard Molding Paste 100ml

Mold styles with texture and natural finish, extremely pliable with amazing staying power and high hold.


Redken Brews Stand Tough Extreme Gel 100ml

A lightweight, easy to use gel that adds texture and definition to all hair types and styles, including slicked back looks.