Pureology Fullfyl

Pureology Fullfyl

Shop Pureology Fullfyl a three step hair thickening system, that densifies and plumps each strand of hair, leaving you with more body and texture than you ever thought was possible. Includes a shampoo, conditioner and a hair treatment. Pureology hair products have award winning formulas that are sulphate free and 100% vegan.



Pureology Fullfyl Densifying Spray 125ml

This hair treatment envelopes hair for a densifying effect, it can even be sprayed to help the creation of curls, waves, and even braids while maintaining density and all day hold.

£26.00 £17.00

Pureology Fullfyl Conditioner 250ml

Give every strand of your hair a boost of thickness, hair will look and feels thicker, fuller and beautiful.

£23.10 £20.00