PureLogicol skin care combines the purity of nature with the logic of science to protect, boost and repair the skin from the inside out. A luxury skincare range of products with collagen. PureLogicol will improve your skin condition, making the skin younger looking.


PureLogicol Collagen Peptide Skin Supplement

This unique collagen boosting supplement, helps combat the visible signs of ageing from within.

90 caps for 1 month supply.


PureLogicol Hair And Nails Revitalising Supplement 90 Caps

Beauty starts from within. Stimulates hair growth and volume. Protect cells from oxidative stress. Promotes scalp health. Maximises nutrient absorption. Maintains strong and healthy nails.

90 capsules, 1 month supply.


PureLogicol Tri Peptide Deep Cleanser 175ml

This light creamy cleanser incorporates an advanced tri peptide, which helps detoxify skin cells. It gently and effectively sweeps away impurities, make up and bacteria while protecting natural skin lipids.


PureLogicol Anti Gravity Regenerating Serum 30ml

This silky serum contains gravity control and micro collagen peptides, which help stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.


PureLogicol Cellular Renewal Face Wash 175ml

This luxurious foaming wash contains a rejuvenating AHA and enzyme complex, helping to stimulate cell renewal. The skin purifying formula de congests pores and targets uneven skin tone.


PureLogicol Intelligent Toner 175ml

This intelligent toner contains Normaseb which balances the sebaceous function of oily, dry and combination skin.


PureLogicol Super Antioxidant Moisturiser 50ml

An uplifting moisturiser infused with nano vitamins, grape seed oil and green tea to help defend against free radical damage and photo ageing.


PureLogicol Triple Helix Collagen Boosting Mask 50ml

This rejuvenating tri peptide face mask contains purified micro algae, which work on three levels. It instantly firms, boosts collagen synthesis and helps strengthen the skin matrix.