Prep And Maintain

Prep And Maintain

Prep And Maintain products work to prolong your tan. We have a full range of body moisturisers and body scrubs, suitable for all types of tan that are essential for a longer lasting tan with a flawless finish, often making your tan last for up to 3 days more. A good tan lies in the preparation giving you a streak free professional finish every time. Our bestselling formulas are Fake Bake Coconut Oil Free Moisturiser, Sienna X Radiance Body Balm and St Tropez Enhancing Body Polish.




Sienna X Secret Tan Primer 75ml

Giving you that professional touch, enabling you to create a flawless tan at home.

£9.00 £6.00


Fake Bake Platinum Bamboo Buffing Face Polish 60ml

It gives your skin renewing benefits while removing impurities and gently but effectively exfoliating the skin, leaving it smooth and ultra smooth.

£8.00 £5.00


Xen Tan Fresh Prep Scrub 236ml

Last Chance to Buy! Prepare the skin for tanning with this invigorating body scrub which balances the skin to the correct ph level.

£18.99 £10.20


St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish 200ml

Every tan should begin with a blank canvas. So prepare your skin with this enhancing body polish.

£10.00 £8.00


Monu Tanworx Hydrating Body Lotion 200ml

This luxuriously rich body lotion with its refreshing scent will nourish and hydrate your skin.

£21.95 £11.95


Monu Tanworx Illuminating Moisturiser 200ml

This is the perfect addition to your Self Tan routine as it illuminates the skin to give you a healthy glow.

£21.95 £11.95


Dermalogica Thermafoliant Body Scrub 177ml

A dual action body scrub that will brighten dull skin and leave it silky smooth & energised.

£39.50 £34.50

Fake Bake Coconut Body Polish 170ml

This is the perfect way to start your self tanning journey and prepare for Fake Bake tanning lotions.


Fake Bake Mistifier Oil Free Spray 120ml

Easy to apply, fast application contains two anti–oxidants green tea and vitamin E which protect the skin from free radicals. UK ONLY


Sienna X Radiance Body Balm 200ml

A perfectly balanced moisturiser combining luxurious natural ingredients, made to make your tan last.


Sienna X Ph Balance Face And Body Wash 200ml

SiennaX Face and Body wash, is specifically designed for self tan. Indulged with a gorgeous lemongrass and ginger fragrance.



Fake Bake Tan Corrector And Eraser 200ml

Melt away stubborn self tan, with this new life changing product. Correcting your existing tan in just 2 to 3 minutes.


Monu Tanworx Tan Maintainer 120ml

This non-greasy lightweight moisturiser has been created to prolong the life of your tan giving you a radiant glow all year round.


St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser 200ml

Maintain your golden glow with this tan enhancing moisturiser. Your tan will last longer and fade evenly when applied daily.


Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Wipes 25pk

Double sided wipes that effortlessly exfoliate and smooth skin.


Monu Tanworx Exfoliating Body Cream 120ml

A gentle but effective cream polish to polish rough areas so that they are refined and smooth prior to tanning.


St Tropez Classic Self Tan Booster 200ml

Enhance your natural or self tan with this light weight lotion which promises to give you a deeper longer lasting tan for up to 3 days.


Crazy Angel Halo Polish Body Scrub 250ml

A luxurious body scrub that refines and polishes to reveal fresh new skin - the perfect base for tanning.


Crazy Angel Supreme Tan Extending Body Moisturiser 250ml

A mild tanning agent that helps to extend the life your tan, leaving skin smooth and glossy with a luxurious golden glow.


Crazy Angel Wing Smoothing Spray 200ml

Simply spray onto the required areas immediately before tanning and allow tan to glide over the areas prone to tan build up.


Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Gloves 1pair

Helping you to remove dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin silky smooth.


Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator 200ml

Perfectly round exfoliating grains prep your skin for a tan, and help your tan to fade evenly.


Mii Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser 200ml

A multi-benefit, super hydrating moisturiser that smells divine.