See our entire range of Organic skincare and natural beauty products from our selection of top brands from different countries in the world. Some products are ideal for vegans. Learn more about the organic skin product that you choose by going to their specific brand page or send us an email with your questions.


Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Banana 4.2g

Originally a Limited Edition Flavour to the collection which was so popular it has now returned.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Blueberry 4.2g

This amazing blueberry lip balm is super nourishing, and will quickly absorb deep in to the skin cells leaving your lips feeling loved.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Citrus Kick 4.2g

A super zingy wake up call for your lips, with the blend of zesty pink grapefruit and refreshing sweet orange.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Coconut 4.2g

An organic coconut flavoured lip balm, to remind you of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Mint 4.2g

Give your lips a double kick of 100% pure peppermint and spearmint essential oils.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Raspberry Pomegranate 4.2g

The refreshing scent of tangy raspberry and mellow pomegranate, will have you smiling with this lip experience.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Root Beer 4.2g

The scent will take you back to childhood and the memories of sipping root beer on hot sunny Sunday afternoons.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Vanilla 4.2g

Your lips are going to love you forever with this organic moisturising lip balm.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend More Moisture Lip Balm Cherry 4.2g

An all time classic Cherry Lip Balm, that is super tasty with great hydration all day long.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend More Moisture Lip Balm Grape 4.2g

This balm smells like a grapefruit slushy, without giving you purple lips and brain freeze.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend More Moisture Lip Balm Green Apple

Seven moisturisers are packed in to this moisture lip balm, and with a tangy scent of green apples its amazing.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Vegan Lip Balm Chocolate 4.2g

A calorie free fix for your lips with this vegan lip balm, with a delicious chocolate flavour.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Vegan Lip Balm Pineapple Mint 4.2g

It sounds like an odd combination but put them together, and magic happens and your lips will love it too.

£3.99 £3.75

Epic Blend Vegan Lip Balm Wild Berries 4.2g

You will be on an aromatic adventure, with this berry flavoured lip balm.

£3.99 £3.75

Kure Bazaar The Natural Manicure Ritual Kit

A manicure kit that contains a hand care mask and all the essential tools to enjoy a natural manicure at home.


Epic Blend Garnet Star Tinted Lip Balm 4.2g

Get total lip hydration, with a delicate shimmering radiance. Giving off a subtle hint of Merlot colour.

£5.49 £5.00

Absolution L'Eponge Konjac Facial Sponge

This organic facial sponge cleanse and exfoliate your skin deeply but softly.


Tisserand Energy High Massage And Body Oil 100ml

An invigorating body oil with organic Orange Leaf Oil, Lime and Grapefruit essential oils to recharge a tired mind and body.

£10.45 £9.90

Luxury Dadi Lotion 59ml Travel Size

Take your favourite Luxury Dadi Lotion everywhere in a convenient 59 ml travel sized bottle. A full body and hand lotion based on award winning Dadi Oil. Contains no sulfates or parabens and it also is vegan.


Absolution Le Savon Blanc Calming Face And Body Soap 100g

A real cocktail of ingredients known for its purifying and soothing benefits, enriched with calendula, rice bran and coconut oil, with a fresh and subtle citrus scent.


Absolution Le Savon Noir Purifying Face And Body Soap 100g

A real cocktail of ingredients known for its purifying and balancing benefits, enriched with propolis, activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil, with a subtle spicy scent.


Dadi Oil Nail Care Treatment 14ml

Deeply moisturise your nails and cuticles, 95% organic infused with a fragrant blend of 21 naturally derived essential oils enhancing flexibility and improving brittleness, leaving nails shiny and strong.

£14.95 £11.95

John And Ginger Organic Hand And Body Lotion Number 5

Envelope your skin in this luxurious body lotion scented with fresh Green Tea and Citrus, like a fresh morning breeze.

£25.00 £12.00

John And Ginger Organic Hand And Body Wash Number 5

Gently cleanse skin leaving it feeling soft, scented and enveloped with Green Tea and citrus, like a fresh morning breeze.

£25.00 £12.00

Absolution Le Baume Lip And Dry Skin Balm 7g

A wonder lip and skin balm which provides instant and long lasting moisturising relief from dry, chapped and uncomfortable skin.

£14.50 £13.00

Absolution Le Lavant Corps Doux Extra Soft Body Wash 200ml

Designed to clean even sensitive skin with delicacy, formulated without any sulfate to respect you skin and the planet.

£21.50 £15.00

Kure Bazaar Cherie

A classic rich ruby red. With an 90% natural formula making it the most natural nail polish in the UK.

Size 10ml

Please note: cannot be shipped overseas


Neom Nourish Breathe And Calm Hand Balm 50ml

Packed full of 24 carefully chosen essential oils, including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood to banish stress and deeply soothe your mind.


Neom Nourish Breathe And Energise Hand Balm 50ml

Boost your energy levels through the day with this hand balm packed full of 17 carefully chosen energising essential oils including grapefruit, lemon and rosemary.


Neom Nourish Breathe And Sleep Hand Balm 50ml

Get ready for the perfect nights sleep with this hand balm, packed full of 14 deeply relaxing essential oils including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.