Opi Quick Drying

Opi Quick Drying

Shop our range of Opi Quick Drying products for smudge proof, long lasting protection and shine, helping your nail polish last for up to two weeks. We have quick drying sprays, drops and top coats that will dry your nails to touch within one minute and make them completely dry in five minutes.

Please note: We can only ship nail polishes and flammables to the UK ONLY.



Opi Rapidry Lacquer Spray 55ml

Get a smooth, hard, smudge proof finish in minutes, also great for restoring shine in between manicures.

£13.50 £11.00


Opi Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops 8ml

The best creation ever, these drops for your nail lacquer will make your nails touch dry in one minute, and completely dry in five minutes.


£13.95 £12.00

Opi RapiDry Top Coat 15ml

To ensure a tough, long lasting, and non yellowing finish apply to your lacquered nails once they are dry.

cannot be shipped overseas

£15.50 £14.50