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Neom Organics

Neom Organics London products are organic and made with 100% natural fragrances for a true therapeutic effect on your mind and body. Carefully selected essential oil blends to aid sleep, relieve stress, boost energy, lift your mood or calm and relax your mind. You can buy Neom Organics online from John And Ginger at great prices with free skincare samples with your order. Free delivery is available. We are an authorised Neom Organics UK stockists.

Neom Organics Gifts

A carefully selected range of wellbeing collections that make great gifts for yourself or others, filling homes with luxurious scents of...

Neom Organics Skincare

A range of skincare products that have been expertly blended to work for every skin type. 100% natural formulas that are packed with amazing...

Neom Organics Bath And Body

A selection of skin softening body care heroes from organic body scrubs to the innovative Intensive Skin Treatment Candles.

Neom Organics 3 Wick Scented Candles

Neom 3 wick candles have 30 to 40ml of pure essential oil to have a therapeutic effect on your mood. They are natural and long lasting.

Neom Organics 1 Wick Scented Candles

Neom 1 wick candles have scent proven to make you feel good, with a massive 15-19mls of the purest possible essential oils in each 1 wick...

Neom Organics Travel Scented Candles

With a massive 6 to 8mls of the purest possible essential oils in each travel candle, to have a therapeutic effect on your mood. Each candle...

Neom Organics Reed Diffusers

UK ONLY. Made with the finest natural ingredients and scented with an incredible 20 to 25ml of essential oils, fill the air with natural...

Neom Organics Home And Pillow Mists

UK only. Spray on upholstery, linens and bedding. Made from mood enhancing therapeutic essential oils to have a positive effect, helping...

Neom Organics UK

Their body care products are organic while being unashamedly gorgeous and indulgent at the same time – why should you skimp on luxury just because you believe in a greener and more organic way of life?

Following in the huge success of Natural Magic (and after three years of development) we have launched Neom Organics London – a capsule range of organic body care with treatment benefits. You may be aware that standard, everyday toiletries contain a cocktail of chemicals (petrochemicals, parabens, glycols, PEG s, Silicones, SLS and synthetic fragrances).

Some of these, along with other standard preservatives, can be carcinogenic, toxic and disruptive to your hormones. You wouldn’t knowingly eat them, would you? So why would you put them onto your body, where your skin absorbs the majority of what is put on it?

The range uses pure organic ingredients, but we also use only the most incredibly special and luxurious ingredients, full of vitamins, EFAs and extracts that seriously nourish the skin.

All of the Neom Organics London products are scented with only certified essential oils, which are blended so that each product has its own ‘treatment benefit’. For example, the Organics body wash has a real pick-me-up happy scent, the body crème lotion engulfs you with a quiet-yet-positive-calm scent – perfect for morning and night, and the oil is deeply indulgent and luxurious.

A wild extravagance? Of Course

An outrageous self-indulgence? Undoubtedly.

An absolute necessity? Without Question

Forget everything you know about scented candles.

It could not be more different.

Unlike almost all conventional candles (which contain paraffin wax and synthetic oils), Natural Magic candles burn cleanly with no sooting and none of the fumes that can contain various toxins. Neom’ve spent two years developing Natural Magic to make sure that they’re 100% organic.

The clean, pure vegetable wax base is scented with the best quality organic aromatherapy oils. They're also twice the size of the average candle (1kg) with 3 wicks and up to 75 hours of burn time.

The candles work holistically, having an overall recuperative effect, each being designed for a particular job, providing a treatment within a candle... In fact they work like magic, naturally.

Neom Candles

Why their candles are the best?

1. Most candles are made using paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. Natural Magic is very different - They ONLY uses vegetable wax and essential oils.

2. Black fumes from the majority of candles can contain toxins and carcinogens. Natural Magic burn cleanly with no black sooting into your home or the environment.

3. Most candles use an array of chemicals - we use none at all. These are the healthiest, cleanest candles you can buy.

4. The candles also work as serious holistic treatments as you inhale the huge amount of oils that fill a room. There are 10 treatments within the range so you can choose one to suit your needs. They are currently used within top spas.

5. The candles burn for around 55 hours, they burn completely evenly with no wax waste all the way to the bottom.

6. Please burn for at least 2 hours for a proper treatment, but don't burn for more than 4 hours ever and always trim the wick after every use (oh, and make sure you don't let any black bits fall in because they can ruin the wax!)

Neom offers top candles, home and body products. You can buy their gorgeous candles, body and home products online from us.

Why the Home Treatment Mists are the best?

1. The mists are made using only 100% certified organic ingredients.

2. They contain no synthetic ingredients whatsoever!

3. They work as an 'Instant Holistic Treatment' - the INSTANT version of candles - if you need a quick relax (before bedtime perhaps) or a quick energy boost (beside your desk in place of a caffeine boost?).

4. They can be spritzed on the pillows of your bed to help you sleep (but we recommend you only use Relax for this or you'll be up all night!). Please remember to spray at least 20cm from fabric.

Neom Organics London

Your questions answered....

Q: Where does the magic come from?
A: Neom wanted pleasure, leisure and treatment all in one. That's why the candles burn beautifully using only pure vegetable wax.

Q: What does that mean for me?
A: No fumes to fuddle the mind or soul. No chemicals for you or your children to worry about. No sooty marks to deal with in the morning. Just pure pleasure.

Q: How can candles and mists offer treatment benefits?
A: Pure blends of essential oils diffusing evenly around your home or salon, crafted and created to enhance your life whatever it is you feel like benefiting from. Burnt or spritzed correctly, and as you breathe in the scented air, the experience is spa like bliss.

Q: What else?
A: The standard 3 wick candles burn for 55 hours (and the minis in the travel kits for 15 hours each). You can be sure even burning ('no pillaring') and beautiful right down to the last drop. We hate waste.