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National Bed Month - How To Sleep Well

Do you want to sleep well?

March is National Bed Month Organised by The Sleep Council, it aims to remind us all of why a sound sleep is good for our health and with demanding lifestyles it can make it difficult to switch off into a deep slumber.

Lack of sleep can cause a multitude of health problems like developing cold like symptoms, muscle aches, loss of ability to speak correctly and loss of focus which can affect your performance during the day.

Part of getting a good nights sleep is learning how to relax before bed. For some it is about listening to soothing music, for others a good book sends them into the land of nod. You may prefer to have a warm bath or shower before bed or find comfort in using sleep inducing oils. Whatever your preferred choice of winding down is, make sure you try and do it every night.

At John And Ginger we have a range of aromatherapy products from our top brand Aromatherapy Associates and Tisserand to help you relax and de-stress, preparing you for a good nighs sleep, and we would also like to share with you some great tips from Aromatherapy Associates Wellbeing Expert Julie Whitehead.

1. At least an hour before bed start to wind down by not looking at phones and emails or watching highly active or violent films. The blue light from devices prevents the release of the sleep hormone Melatonin so never charge your phone in your bedroom, this will also help you disconnect from work and help refresh your mind when you wake up.

2. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Prepare your space by burning Aromatherapy Associates Relax Room Fragrance or Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle to experience the gentle and relaxing powers of West Indian Bay, Geranium and Myrrh essential oils; and play some soothing relaxing music while you are getting ready for bed.

3. Prepare a hot bath with Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath And Shower Oil, this bedtime indulgent treat will allow you to experience a tranquil and relaxing nights sleep. If you suffer with an overactive mind or insomnia your best nights sleep your best nights sleep is guaranteed with Deep Relax.

4. Sipping a milky drink or herby tea such as Camomile or Valerian will help to relax your muscles and your mind, preparing it to switch off for the night.

5. When lying in bed, focus on taking some long, slow, smooth, deep breaths. Imagine breathing from the crown of your head, into your abdomen and then exhale down your legs and out of the soles of your feet. Releasing and relaxing further with each breath you take.

The Tisserand Sweet Dreams collection is also the perfect antidote for minds that struggle to switch off at bedtime. infused with Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang natural essential oils to pamper the body and still the mind, helping lull you into a peaceful slumber at the end of a long day.

Run a warm bath infused with Tisserand Sweet Dreams Bath Oil and allow yourself to soak in the sleep inducing aroma for at least 20 minutes. A bath before bed helps promote a good nights sleep. Body temperature naturally dips at night time as a signal to us to fall asleep. Raising it by bathing will accelerate the drop, sending you off more quickly.

After a dreamy bath, massage Tisserand Sweet Dreams Body Oil in to your skin or for best results ask someone else to do it for you, paying particular attention to your neck and shoulders.

Just before you turn off the light, apply Tisserand Sweet Dreams Roller Ball to your forehead, temples and a little on your chest. Massage with your finger tips to enable you to breathe the aroma as you sleep.

Do this nightly to help you build a pre sleep routine into your daily life. It is regular practice that gets results.

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