Nail Files And Tools

Nail Files And Tools

Using the right Nail Files And Tools makes all the difference and helps you achieve the perfect manicure or pedicure. Shop our range of nail clippers, cuticle clippers, nail files, buffers and more. Shape and smooth your nails, giving you that expert touch and professional finish.



Kure Bazaar Gold Glitter Nail File

Combines the outstanding quality of a professional Gold Glitter Nail File with the refinement of a chic and elegant from Kure Bazaar.


Jessica Emery Boards For Normal Nails x2

A pack of two professional nail files with a 280 grit for normal nails.


Jessica Emery Boards For Soft Nails x2

A pack of two professional nail files with a 320 grit for soft nails.


Jessica Toe Separators

An essential for your perfect pedicure, these soft toe separators are a must for a perfect pedi and polish.


Jessica Emery Boards For Hard Nails x2

A pack of two professional nail files with a 240 grit to make light work of shaping strong, hard nails.


Kure Bazaar Glass Nail File

A superior slim and elegant nail file, guaranteed to never wear out or wear down.


Jessica Romeo Ceramic Hard Skin Remover

This great beauty tool is designed to remove hard skin.


Kure Bazaar 3 Way Nail Buffer Block

A combination nail file and buffer that is designed to shape and smooth nails, remove ridges, imperfections and give nails a beautiful, natural shine.



Kure Bazaar Silver Glitter Pompom Nail File

For perfectly groomed nails, this glamorous nail file gently smooths and shapes the contour of the nail without damaging them or breaking them.