Monu Tanworx

Monu Tanworx

Monu Tanworx is a natural based range of self tanning products that deliver a beautiful sun-kissed colour that lasts longer. Tanworx offers all you need to prep, maintain and prolong your fake tan. Prepare yourself for a natural glowing tan with Monu self tanning products.



Monu Tanworx Hydrating Body Lotion 200ml

This luxuriously rich body lotion with its refreshing scent will nourish and hydrate your skin.

£21.95 £11.95


Monu Tanworx Illuminating Moisturiser 200ml

This is the perfect addition to your Self Tan routine as it illuminates the skin to give you a healthy glow.

£21.95 £11.95

Monu Tanworx Tan Maintainer 120ml

This non-greasy lightweight moisturiser has been created to prolong the life of your tan giving you a radiant glow all year round.


Monu Tanworx Express Tan Liquid Fair To Medium 200ml

A quick drying tanning liquid that leaves no residue due to its lightweight formula that develops into a natural dark tan.


Monu Tanworx Self Tanning Lotion Dark To Very Dark 200ml

This luxurious self tanning lotion will give you a truly long lasting dark natural looking tan.


Gloves For Self Tan Products x3

Wear the gloves when applying your self tan to prevent staining of the hands.

3 Pairs of Gloves per pack.


Monu Tanworx Instant Glow Wash Off Tan 200ml

Get an Instant holiday bronzed glow with this wash off tan whenever and wherever, easily applied with a flawless finish.


Monu Tanworx Exfoliating Body Cream 120ml

A gentle but effective cream polish to polish rough areas so that they are refined and smooth prior to tanning.


Monu Tanworx Self Tan Foam Fair To Medium 150ml

Velvety textured light weight foam that glides on to the skin giving you an even all over fair to medium tan.


Monu Tanworx Self Tanning Lotion Fair To Medium 200ml

This fair to medium self tanning lotion will leave you looking radiant and healthy with its natural golden colour.


Monu Tanworx Self Tanning Mitt

The perfect application mitt to achieve a streak free tan and stain-free hands.


Monu Tanworx Express Tan Liquid Dark To Very Dark 200ml

A tanning liquid that is perfect for those wanting a natural dark long lasting tan in no time at all.


Monu Tanworx Professional Barrier Cream 200ml

A barrier cream enriched with Cocoa Butter to moisturise the dry areas so that you achieve a perfect long lasting tan.


Monu Tanworx Self Tan Foam Dark To Very Dark 150ml

Get a dark to very dark beautiful natural looking tan with this velvety light foaming self tan.