Mii Cosmetics Eyes


Mii Cosmetics Eyes

A wide variety of eye products, including the best selection of eyeshadows, from neutral mattes to a bright bold eye. Enhance or change your eye shape with our range of liquid, pencil and gel eyeliners. We can also help you to up your lash game, from delicate and fluttery to thick and voluminous falsies. And of course your eye look is not complete without using your favourite mascara, and your new favourite can be found in this range!



Mii Showstopping Lash Lover Diva 10g

Turn up the volume and steal the limelight with lashes that deserve an encore. Diva is in the colour black.

£14.50 £11.00

Mii Feature Length Lash Lover Mascara Ambition 11ml

Unleash those lashes with this best selling, super lengthening, vividly volumising black mascara.


Mii One And Only Eye Colour Capture 2g

Use your imagination for looks made with love. This is in the colour Slate.


Mii Perfect Pair Eye Colour Fresh Ideas 2g

It takes two to tango, so pick yourself up a perfect partner. Containing a tiffany blue shade and a teal shade.


Mii Waterproof Lash Lover Faith 7g

It never rains, it pours so be prepared for the perfect storm. In the colour black


Mii Forever Eye Colour Crayon Pewter 1.64g

A gorgeously creamy crayon, delivering high pigment to your eyes. In the colour grey.


Mii Intensifying Lash Lover Impact 10ml

Show your lashes real love and add flourish to your flutter. Impact is in the colour black.


Mii Couture Eye Colour Brocade

A compact eye palette, infused with iridescent crushed pearls for a 3D effect.


Mii Defining Eye Pencil Mystic

Create beautifully framed eyes that speak a thousand words with just one wink. In the colour grey.