Maroma Incense

Maroma Incense

Maroma Incense is made by of a World Fair Trade Organisation in India. Encens D’Auroville is their most famous range of natural home fragrance products. Maroma Incense UK offers excellent incense sticks with many scents for you to choose your favourite one. They are natural and offer a beautiful selection of different aromas from top ingredients. Maroma uses the traditional method of hand rolling each individual stick of incense. You can buy Maroma Incense online at John And Ginger at great prices.



Maroma Incense Cones Lavender

Maroma Lavender Incense Cones contain only natural essential oils. Traditionally used for meditation and for clarity.

£3.35 £2.99

Maroma Incense Rosewood

Rosewood fragrance with Bamboo sticks and essential oils.


Maroma Incense Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang fragrance with Bamboo sticks and essential oils.