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Makebelieve is a concise range of self tanning products in fabulous packaging and proud to be a British brand. This self tan range has grown to a beautiful choice of products which smell delicious and give you that bronzed look that you want! Make Believe was Voted No 1 on the hit T.V. show How to Look Good Naked. Winner of the Self Tan Category and Best Performing Product.

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Makebelieve Self Tanning Products

Make Believe is a concise range of self tanning products in fabulous packaging. Everyone knows when they feel good about themselves – their radiance shines from within. makebelieve helps you achieve that inner glow. Our beauty products have been created to help you look & feel beautiful with a natural-looking tan rather than a ‘fake’ one.

Why makebelieve? A tan helps you feel more confident & there is nothing more attractive than a positive, healthy looking person whose inner glow shines through. All makebelieve tans are natural looking, and due to the Rainforest blend of ingredients, your skin will also smell gorgeous, feel toned & beautifully moisturised. So apply, indulge.... makebelieve in yourself – release your inner glow!?

The makebelieve enhance make-up range consists of 5 facial must haves that have been specially developed to help you make the most of your facial tan.

The makebelieve self tan range comprises Self Tan Lotion, Airbrush Bronzer, Gradual Self Tan, Night Time Facial Self Tan Moisturiser and Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes.


Each product contains antioxidants, fruit extracts and caffeine to break down cellulite, firm, tone and tighten the skin, while moisturising at the same time.

Tan Extender

Makebelieve offers a natural, streak-free colour and an exotic scent. When blind tested by 100 women on Channel 4's How To Look Good Naked, makebelieve Gradual Self Tan won over three other products. It allows users to build a natural, golden looking tan over time while moisturising skin.

From makebelieve’s very own tanning guru

  • A tan makes most people feel better – more confident and generally happy!
  • All the celebrities are seen wearing a self tan – we all just love that natural glow

A makebelieve tan is just so easy to apply and everyone just loves the wonderful fragrance and rich moisturising ingredients that actually tone the skin too! A makebelieve tan just doesn’t look fake and can be reapplied to achieve a darker colour if you want that effect.

Top tips on getting the perfect tan are:

  1. If you need to remove any hair make sure that you do this at least 24 hours before applying your self tan as waxing leaves the follicles open and can result in a speckled effect.
  2. Give your body a good work-out by exfoliating first.
  3. Your tan will go on more evenly when your skin is buffed.
  4. With makebelieve the moisturising ingredients (coconut, cohune, orange, Brazil nut, and olive oil) will give you beautifully toned and moisturised skin anyway.
  5. Before applying self tan, rub plenty of moisturiser on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet and between your fingers and toes.
  6. Any mistakes can be rubbed away more easily!
  7. When applying self tan you’ll get fewer smudges and mistakes if you start from your feet first and move up your body to your face last.
  8. Don’t forget your ears!
  9. Apply moisturiser to your ‘tan’ everyday to avoid the result fading in patches.