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Magicstripes offers Eyelid Lifting Stripes stickers, face masks and other beauty accessories to give you an instant refreshed and younger look without surgery. MagicStripes are made in Germany and were created by Natalie Franz after a trip to Japan.


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MagicStripes UK

Always on the Look-out for Innovative techniques, Natalie Franz discovered the small stripes for eyelids while on a trip to Japan. They're a revelation. "Out of curiosity, I tried them on myself and I was absolutely thrilled by the effect of the product: with just a few hand movements, my appearance became much fresher and was rejuvenated by several years," she recalls. Convinced by their spectacular anti-fatigue and rejuvenating effects, Natalie adopted the stripes in her make-up kit and uses them on a daily basis for her clients during photo shoots and fashion shows. And they're a huge success. "The feedback has been so positive that I've decided to commercialise the product on the German market," she explains. 2014 is thus the year for MAGICSTRIPES. They are sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France (Colette), Inspired by Asian Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Russia.

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What type of eye do MAGICSTRIPES help?

MAGICSTRIPES can be used by all women of all ages. Especially with droopy eyelids, tired, small eyes or drooping eyelids you can achieve great results.

Which size of stripes is suitable for which eyelid?

A general recommendation is: small stickers for normal, sagging eyes and big stickers for drooping eyelids. As every eye is different, you can give no general rule.

At the beginning it is best to test both versions and then decide.

How do I apply MAGICSTRIPES?

Degrease the eyelids with a cotton swab or pad and some skin water. Just look at the mirror, tilt your head a little back and then place MAGICSTRIPES on the eyelid. Depending on the eye and the eyelid smooth out the skin texture a bit.

At the beginning you will need some stickers to find the right position and to reach the perfect result. Try out "Trial Pack" with both MAGICSTRIPES Sizes.

MagicStripes Instructions

Are the Stripes reusable?

No, MAGICSTRIPES are used only once!

Can I put makeup on the stripes?

Yes, MAGICSTRIPES can be made up with eye shadow. Important: dab the eye shadow on the lid, do not rub.

Are MAGICSTRIPES visible on the eyes?

MAGICSTRIPES are made of skin friendly, transparent silicone, they are stuck in the crease and are not visible when properly applied.

Can I use MAGICSTRIPES even for sensitive eyes?

MAGICSTRIPES are dermatologically tested as excellent by the renowned institute DERMATEST, which is certified by TÜV Rheinland. They can be used even for sensitive eyes. If allergic reactions are caused, however we will advise no further application.

MagicStripes Online


As each eye is different, there are no general rules, where to place the stripe accurately. It is also difficult to tell which size (S or M) is the best. A general advice is: small stripes for normal, sagging eyes and large stripes for drooping eyelids.

But best of all is to test both versions with your first application and then choose the stripe with the best effect.

At the beginning you will need some stripes to find the right position. Try to stick the stripe lower, higher, more inwardly or outwardly. Be patient in your testing even when you have difficulties at the beginning. Please use always a new stripe on the next attempt. The used stripe can easily be pulled off like a plaster.

If you've fond the best position, you can apply your make-up as usual. But please pat on the eyeshadow, do not rub it!

Very important: Do not give up if it does not work the first time. MAGICSTRIPES can be used by all women of all ages. Especially with droopy eyelids, tired, small eyes or drooping eyelids you can achieve great results!