Kure Bazaar Bamboo Nail Polish Remover Water 250ml

Kure Bazaar Bamboo Nail Polish Remover Water 250ml

Kure Bazaar Bamboo Nail Polish Remover Water 250ml
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Brand Kure Bazaar
Product Type Nail Treatments
Skin Type All Skin Types
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A  natural nail polish remover that is free from Acetone and Ethyl Acetate. Kure Bazaar Bamboo Nail Polish Remover is formulated with silicon and extracts of Bamboo and Ginger to strengthen and repair fragile and damaged nails. A new generation of nail polish remover with a 100% natural formula. The Kure Bazaar nail polish remover has no unpleasant smell like other chemical nail polish removers due to its solvents being made from wheat, corn and cane sugar.

The clean and completely safe nail polish remover with an oil in water formula is enriched with sunflower seed oil and will not bleach or dry the nails, cuticles will feel nourished and cared for. Removes all types of nail polishes.

Cannot be shipped outside the UK

Key ingredients:

  • Ginger – activate skin healing natural functions
  • Bamboo – re mineralizing and firming properties
  • Sunflower – rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) and vitamin E

Ingredients: aqua, diethyl succinate, helianthus seed oil, curcuma zedoaria root oil, mentha piperita oil, zingiber officinale oil, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, bambusa vulgaris extract, tocophero.

Free From Acetone and Ethyl Acetate


Kure Bazaar Rose Milk

A barely there pink shade, with an 90% natural formula making it the most natural nail polish in the UK.

Size 10ml

Please note: cannot be shipped overseas


Kure Bazaar Clean Base Coat

A natural base coat or even a minimalistic nail polish with a matte finish, leaving nails looking clean and chic.



Kure Bazaar French Rose

A very sheer nude pink nail polish with a 90% natural, 10 free formula, the cleanest formula available.

cannot be shipped overseas


Kure Bazaar Super Base

A unique nail treatment that protects and repairs effortlessly for exceptional results on the nails, plus it boasts a natural, non chemical solution making it super nail friendly.