Kate Loves Karin Herzog

Kate Loves Karin Herzog

Kate loves Herzog's unique formulations, which are patented and proven to deliver the raw power of Pure Oxygen, water and active vitamins. Whilst their Oxygen based formulations offer countless benefits and have multiple usage, there are some great products for pre pregnancy, during and post pregnancy.

Dynamic Duo essential to use during and after pregnancy.

Karin Herzog patented Dynamic Duo, comprising of the number 1 selling Silhouette and Tonus B12 creams are re-formulated, patented, proven and unique formulations which are incredibly potent, whilst being paraben and preservative free.

This Dynamic Duo is also super efficient at helping the skin to shrink back into shape. Tried and tested in many articles and adored by endless A list celebrities, as used by Victoria Beckham, this duo will help to tone, firm, reduce and tighten the skin post delivery.

These 2 efficient creams aid drainage, detox, slimming, toning, cellulite and even stretch marks whilst increasing skin elasticity. Herzog will blast through and abolish cellulite, help speed up your metabolism and firm and tone like nothing else! All that without a paraben or preservative in sight.

Oxygen helps to regulate and balance hormonal changes and so it is such a huge help during pregnancy. Karin Herzog products, especially Oxygen Body 1% and Oxygen Body 3% will become your best friend, pre pregnancy, during and post pregnancy.

By delivering additional Oxygen, water and active vitamins, these products help stimulate and increase the various processes within the skin that occur naturally. Collagen and elastin fibre production being 2 of them. Both collagen and elastin are dependant upon a good supply of all 3 of these elements.

By applying Karin Herzog oxygen products you ensure you help the body skin to remain supple and elastic, and able to withstand the demands of the pregnancy and reduce the risk of stretch marks. To help prevent scars use Oxygen Body 3% daily during the 9 months and beyond and watch them diminish.

Heal nipples and sterilise simultaneously.

Oxygen destroys more bacteria than any other substance, and does it naturally and efficiently. By applying Oxygen Body 3% to the breast area twice per day you give yourself and your baby unquestionable benefits.

By helping to keep your breast stimulated and hyper- cleansed from the inside (Herzog penetrates and so cleans within the skin) you ensure that everything is free flowing and working at its best. The breast can get hard, lumpy and sore when feeding, Oxygen Body 3% has demonstrated enormous benefits in dealing with this issue. By applying Oxygen Body 3% twice per day (it last for 8 hours after application) you make sure that your nipples and the entire breast, is hyper clean and safe for baby, as the balancing, hydrating and healing properties of the 3% formulation helps to ensure that your nipples stay hydrated and healthy, not dry cracked and sore.

Remember - You do not have to be pregnant to think in terms of fighting stretch marks, reducing cellulite and toning.

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Friday, October 18, 2019


Karin Herzog Silhouette Anti Cellulite Body Lotion 150ml

One of the few cellulite products on the market that does not contain Caffeine. Contains 4% oxygen to penetrate the areas of the body where the skin is uneven and where fatty deposits are at their densest.

£59.00 £50.00

Karin Herzog Tonus B12 Body Toning Lotion 150ml

Leave skin firmer, smoother and with greater elasticity, with a refreshing and uplifting aroma and luxurious texture to give long lasting hydration.

£46.00 £41.00

Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 3% 150ml

With 3% Oxygen this detoxifying body cream is suitable for acne, sun damage, scar tissue and breakouts. Pure oxygen and fragrance free, this is a body cream with boundless uses.

£54.00 £49.00

Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% 150ml

With 1% Oxygen and Fruit Acids this light formula is a superb all over body exfoliator and moisturiser combined.