Karin Herzog Gifts And Offers

Karin Herzog Gifts And Offers

Find the best Karin Herzog Gifts and Offers available on our website here. A variety of skin care sets for all your specific skin needs in beautiful boxes at great value. They also make beautiful gifts for him and her.


Karin Herzog Face Silk Towel

This amazing soft cloth is used with warm water to remove cleanser and dirt from the skin.

£15.00 £13.00

Karin Herzog Small Face Brush

This face brush is the perfect tool to apply all the products with active oxygen instead of using your fingers.

£10.00 £9.00

Karin Herzog Dynamic Duo

Fight cellulite, firm up skin and remodel your silhouette with these two full sized body care treatments, includes two tubes of 150ml each and a body brush.

£120.00 £100.00

Karin Herzog Large Body Brush

Apply all the Karin Herzog body products with active oxygen easily and precisely with this great tool.

£15.00 £13.00