Jessica Nail Treatments

Jessica Nail Treatments

If your nails always break, do not grow or peel at the ends, do not resign them to a lifetime of hiding in mittens and pockets, we have a great range of Jessica Nail Treatments for you. Best sellers include Phenom Oil and Fibre Fix.

Please note: We can only ship nail polishes and flammables to the UK ONLY.



Jessica Gentlemens Club Nail Care Kit

This kit is everything you need for healthy nails, contains hand cream, scrub, nail treatment and a cuticle gel.

£39.50 £36.00

Jessica Phenomen Oil 14.8ml

A healing and rehydrating cuticle oil with Jojoba and Vitamin E.


Jessica Fibre Paper

Reinforce broken, split or torn nails with these natural fibres.


Jessica Fibre Fix 14.8ml

Reinforce broken, cracked or split nails, giving a strong but temporary repair.


Jessica Nibble No More 14.8ml

For nail biters, formulated with special cactus extracts which give it a sour and undesirable taste.