How To Have Your Best Sleep Ever With Neom

How To Have Your Best Sleep Ever With Neom

Are you getting enough sleep?

Do you know what is effecting your sleep quality?

Studies have shown that we spend on average 25 years of our life asleep, which is an incredible and scary thought. A good nights sleep is one of the best things in the world and can prepare us for the next day ahead, so quality over quantity should be a big priority.

It is important to create healthy sleep habits, they can make a big difference to your quality of life, so avoid alcohol, reading from a laptop, phone or ipad, and practise a relaxing bedtime ritual that gives you time away from stress and anxiety.

Neom Scent To Sleep range is the perfect natural remedy to induce a deep slumber. Expertly developed to help create the most relaxing regime before bed, their powerful Tranquillity blend has been proven to induce a night of quality and peaceful sleep.

Your perfect Neom bedtime routine:

1. Light your Tranquillity Scented Candle in the bathroom about 20-30 minutes before you get in the bath. Powerful essential oils including lavender, basil and jasmine will fill the air, instilling instant calm as you inhale.

2. Run a warm bath, about 40 degrees is best, and add a capful of Tranquillity Bath And Shower Oil or Tranquillity Bath Foam. Each one contains 19 of the purest possible essential oils chosen for their celebrated relaxing properties.

3. Spritz your pillow and bed linen with Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist, which not only smells wonderful, but has true therapeutic benefits.

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Friday, October 18, 2019


Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Bath Foam Tranquillity 200ml

A therapeutic scent of 19 pure essential oils that have been expertly blended to help give you the perfect nights sleep having a wonderfully relaxing effect on your mind and body.


Neom Tranquillity Scented Candle 3 Wick

Specially formulated with a blend of pure essential oils to help induce a wonderful sleep. Light two hours before climbing into bed then inhale deeply the soothing scent.


Neom Sleepy Vibes Gift Set

Includes a Perfect Nights Pillow Mist and a Nourish, Breathe And Sleep Hand Balm to help you relax and prepare for sleep.