HD Brows Makeup Brushes And Tools

HD Brows Makeup Brushes And Tools

To create a flawless look, first you need the right tools. Make-up by HD Brows Makeup Brushes And Tools includes every make-up brush you will ever need from Angled to Kabuki, ensuring a perfect application every time, whether you are blending, buffing or sculpting, apply your makeup like a pro.



HD Brows Angled Eye Shading Brush

Short and rounded featuring soft smooth natural fibres, and a full angled design.

£13.00 £11.00


HD Brows Blusher Brush

A dome shaped, natural fibre brush for shading and highlighting cheeks and face.

£22.00 £20.00


HD Brows Precision Tweezers

For brow perfectionist, slant tipped tweezers. To grip even the shortest of hairs.

£20.00 £17.00

HD Brows Precision Scissors

Ultra fine sleek scissors, perfect for precision brow trimming.


HD Brows Foundation Sponge

Reusable rounded, egg shaped sponge for professional style application or blending of foundation.

£9.50 £8.00

HD Brows Angled Brow Brush

A firm brow brush to define eyebrows and eyes, applies colour to the brow, defines and fills. Can be used along the lash line for a crisp precise line.

£13.00 £11.70

HD Brows Buffer Brush

The ultimate brush to create a flawless base, specifically designed to blend and accentuate bone structure.

£28.50 £25.65

HD Brows Concealer Brush

A flexible flat brush to conceal with precision, designed to apply, blend and smooth all concealer formulas.

£15.00 £13.00

HD Brows Contour Brush

Apply, blend or contour powder products with precision and control. Gently angled to follow the shape of cheeks and temples.

£24.50 £21.00

HD Brows Domed Buffer Brush

Use to blend foundations, concealers or to create a defined contour. Ideal to use around delicate areas.

£24.50 £22.05

HD Brows Duo Fibre Eyeshadow Brush

Expertly blend cream and powder eyeshadows, with this eyeshadow brush.

£20.00 £17.00

HD Brows Eye Blending Brush

A tightly packed blending brush, shaped especially to fit the eye socket.

£18.00 £16.00

HD Brows Eyeliner Brush

An extra fine tipped brush, designed to deliver precise firm even strokes of liquid and gel liner.

£10.00 £9.00

HD Brows Eyeshadow Brush

A tightly packed brush for shading eyeshadow making blending simple and effective.

£13.00 £11.00

HD Brows Fine Angled Brow Brush

For lining, shading or shaping the eye or brow with a thin line giving a crisp and precise finish.

£13.00 £11.00

HD Brows Foundation Brush

Foundation brush, designed to achieve a perfect finish with make up artist quality.

£34.00 £30.00

HD Brows Mascara Brush

A small brush designed for root to tip application of HD Brows Mascara to minimise clumps and smudges.

£10.00 £9.00

HD Brows Powder Brush

A large dome shaped brush featuring a fluffed, rounded tip. This brush is perfect for powder application and blending.

£34.00 £28.00

HD Brows Smudger Brush

Short and rounded, with soft, natural bristles, used with shadow to line and smudge around the lash line.

£15.00 £13.50

HD Brows Stipple Foundation Brush

Ideal for using with face primers, foundations, compact and loose powders. Giving you an airbrushed finish.

£27.50 £22.00