Hand Care

Hand Care

Give your hands some much needed care and attention with our range of hand creams, washes, oils and hand treatments that work hard to revive dryness and dehydration and target ageing. Shop Hand Care products from our favourite brands including, Jessica, Le Remedi, OPI Pro Spa, Morgan Taylor, Kure Bazaar and more for happy hands.



Decleor Super Size Hand Cream 100ml

Protect your hands with this nourishing cream, beautifully scented providing soothing relief for sore dry hands

£20.00 £14.00


Ren Citrus Limonum Prebiotic Hand Cream 300ml

With Sicilian Lemon Oil and Prebiotic Oligosaccharides to protect the hands and nails against bacteria while keeping hands hydrated and nourished.

£18.00 £12.00


Spongelle Sugar Dahlia Hand Cream 59ml

A luxurious hand cream infused with Sugar Dahlia, to help soothe, nourish and hydrate your hands and cuticles.


Aromatherapy Associates Lotion 300ml

A nourishing hand and body lotion, gentle enough for all skin types with essential oils that include vanilla, ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli.


Jessica Leremedi Hand Renew Liposomes 100ml

A large professional size treatment serum that is rich and luxurious to make your hands feel firmer, conditioned, moisturised, silky smooth. and brightened.

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Tisserand Lavender And White Mint Hand Cream 75ml

A replenishing and super softening lavender hand and nail cream, with a refreshing blend of essential oils, that is easily absorbed with no greasy after feel.

£7.95 £7.50

Kure Bazaar The Natural Manicure Ritual Kit

A manicure kit that contains a hand care mask and all the essential tools to enjoy a natural manicure at home.


Dadi Oil Nail Care Treatment 14ml

Deeply moisturise your nails and cuticles, 95% organic infused with a fragrant blend of 21 naturally derived essential oils enhancing flexibility and improving brittleness, leaving nails shiny and strong.

£14.95 £11.95

Jessica Phenomen Oil 14.8ml

A healing and rehydrating cuticle oil with Jojoba and Vitamin E.


Neom Real Luxury Body And Hand Wash 250ml

A body wash to calm and soothe your body and mind, with lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood essential oils that work to banish stress.


Tisserand Rose And Geranium Leaf Hand Wash 195ml

A beautiful hand wash rich naturally fragranced with essential oils of Rose and Geranium to leave hands feeling silky soft, cleansed and delicately scented.

£7.95 £7.50

Tisserand Lavender And White Mint Hand Wash 195ml

A soap free and gently antiseptic hand wash. This non drying formula combined with essential oils of calming lavender and balancing white mint has a clean and floral minty natural fragrance.

£7.95 £7.50

Jessica Leremedi Hand Restructure Masque 250ml

Rejuvenate dry, tired hands with this nourishing treatment masque.


Tisserand Neroli And Sandalwood Hand Cream 75ml

A beautiful blend to nourish your hands and strengthen your nails. Naturally fragranced with pure essential oils of uplifting Neroli and comforting Sandalwood.

£7.95 £7.50

Neom Nourish Breathe And Calm Hand Balm 50ml

Packed full of 24 carefully chosen essential oils, including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood to banish stress and deeply soothe your mind.


Tisserand Rose And Geranium Leaf Hand Cream 75ml

This hand cream is non-greasy and naturally fragranced with a beautiful and natural blend of essential oils of Rose and Geranium Leaf.

£7.95 £7.50

Tisserand Rose And Geranium Leaf Soap 100g

A rich and creamy soap with almond oil and coconut oil extracts. Blended with essential oils of Rose and Geranium.

£4.50 £4.20

Jessica Leremedi Handsilk Exfoliare 250ml

A light, exfoliating cream to reveal softer, smoother skin.


Jessica Nourish Cuticle Formula

An all time classic cuticle cream, providing instant hydration and continuous moisture.


Instant Effects Hand Super Serum 30ml

This super charged hand serum is a once a day miracle cream, leaving hands soft and looking more youthful, wrinkles and age spots are reduces in just 15 minutes.


Tisserand Lavender And White Mint Soap 100g

Blended with essential oils of lavender and white mint to soothe, calm and purify.

£4.50 £4.20

Neom Great Day Body And Hand Wash 250ml

A rich and gentle body and hand wash blended with Wild Mint and Mandarin to lift your mood and waken your body and mind.


Neom Nourish Breathe And Energise Hand Balm 50ml

Boost your energy levels through the day with this hand balm packed full of 17 carefully chosen energising essential oils including grapefruit, lemon and rosemary.


Neom Nourish Breathe And Sleep Hand Balm 50ml

Get ready for the perfect nights sleep with this hand balm, packed full of 14 deeply relaxing essential oils including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.


Karin Herzog Hand And Nail Cream 50ml

An anti ageing hand cream with 1% Oxygen and a cocktail of multi vitamins, lipids and essential fatty acids.


Jessica Leremedi Hand Cleanse 250ml

Gentle, refreshing and soap free, contains calming Chamomile, soothing Aloe Vera and nourishing Wheat Protein.


Neom Tranquillity Body And Hand Lotion 250ml

A luxurious body and hand lotion and part of the Scent To Sleep range, with a complex of 19 relaxing essential oils that include English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.


Opi Prospa Cuticle Oil To Go 7.5ml

Replenish essential moisture on the go to get beautiful cuticles any were any time. This non drip gel formula is a handbag essential.


Tisserand Rose And Geranium Leaf Body Lotion 195ml

To enrich and balance you, and sweet orange and patchouli to lift your mind, leaving your skin feeling nourished.

£10.95 £10.40

Tisserand Neroli And Sandalwood Hand Wash 195ml

This naturally fragranced hand wash to leave skin clean, soft and purified, with neroli and sandalwood essential oils.

£7.95 £7.50