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Get Ready For Summer Lovin With OPI Grease

Get Ready For Summer Lovin With OPI Grease

This stylish collection features 12 limited edition shades, inspired by one of the biggest movie musicals of all time and style moments of Rizzo, Frenchie, Sandy, Jan and Marty. Grease characters offer so much inspiration for the colours, such as the Pink Ladies jackets, Sandys cheerleading outfit, Danny's leather coat and Frenchie's magenta do.

If you are a fan of the movie, and who isn't, then read on and discover how we have incorporated some of the Pink Ladies Style into your wardrobe.

Summer Lovin Having a Blast! Has a bright pop of colour, that is perfect for a day at the beach.

Frenchie Likes to Kiss? Or Pink Ladies Rule the School. The pair of soft shades are definitely ones for a girls night out.

Chills Are Multiplying! Adding a subtle touch to an all-black look, a must have for a night at the drive-in. (i.e. date night)

Tell Me About It Stud and You're the Shade That I want. Are your everyday look favourites, that everyone will be Hopelessly Devoted to OPI.

OPI is a world leader in nail polish, with exceptional formulas and fashionable shades that are rich and heavily pigmented making them long lasting and chip resistant.

Please note - cannot be exchanged, returned or sold outside the UK.

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