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Fudge Professional is a completely different range of hair styling products, shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Fudge continues to diversify and defy the traditional hair care boundaries of the industry. Fashion does not stand still neither does Fudge, hair products with a serious attitude for men and women's hair.

Apart from aerosols or flammables, we can ship Fudge Hair products to your country!

Fudge Shampoos And Conditioners

Smooth hair like silk, pump it up for big impact, treat during tough times, protect colour, cleanse and moisturise with this range of shampoos...

Fudge Styling And Finishing

Fudge styling and finishing products are perfect for achieving even the most ambitious styles. Spray on, spritz in, sculpt, define and...

Fudge Big Hair And Textures

Get big hair and masses of volume and texture with Fudge Big Hair styling and finishing products, elevate your style, think big, push it...

Fudge Hair Treatments And Rebuilders

Improve hair manageability and condition with Fudge hair treatments and rebuilders, with proteins and vitamins that work to strengthen...

Fudge Paintbox Extreme Colours

Go hard or go home for a total hair colour transformation. Fudge paintbox semi-permanent colours electrifies dull, boring hair that lasts...

Fudge Hair Brushes

This fabulous range of hair brushes will enable you to create styles with ease whether you have curly, long, straight, thick or fine hair....

Fudge Hair Care Products

They are more than just a completely different range of hair styling products and shampoo. Fudge hair products are a philosophy and a reflection of a new generation. For this reason, Fudge hair products continue to diversify and defy the traditional hair care boundaries of the industry. Fashion does not stand still neither does fudge hair products. Fudge hair care and styling products with a serious attitude.

A premium range of styling and hair care products to suit your specific hair needs, from shampoos and conditioners to styling products with a difference.

Fudge Professional Hold Factor System

It provides a measure of the strength of hold across all Fudge styling products. From 0 - 15. The lower the number, the lower the hold,the higher the number the stronger the hold. Fudge hair styling products from Fudge hair products in Australia includes the famous Shaper and well known Fudge Putty. These products can sculpt, define and add texture to your look allowing you too create any shape you wish to achieve. Used by top salons across the world these styling products achieve professional results every time.