Fake Bake Self Tan

Fake Bake Self Tan

Choose from our range Fake Bake Self Tan products that include Lotions, Sprays and Mousse for a flawless and natural looking tan. Fake Bake works with the natural pigment in your skin, and all products have a guide colour for easy application. The brands luxurious formulations contain the highest quality of premium ingredients, are free from artificial preservatives and parabens, giving you a streak free, flawless natural looking tan every time.



Fake Bake Double Shot Espresso Self Tan 120ml

Fake Bakes darkest tan yet. This tan is fast drying and extremely nourishing. Can be applied and worn instantly with no transfer onto clothes.

£24.95 £15.00

Fake Bake The Face Anti Ageing Self Tan Lotion With Matrixyl 3000 60ml

Reverse the anti-ageing process and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, whilst building a gradual subtle colour.

£22.00 £20.00

Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid 170ml

This luxurious and fast-drying self tan liquid, glides onto the skin effortlessly creating a streak free base.

£24.95 £22.50

Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self Tan Liquid 170ml

Combining the gorgeous scent of black coconut, with three new tanning boosting ingredients to make the tan even deeper and longer-lasting.

£25.95 £23.50

Fake Bake 60 Minutes Self Tan Liquid 236ml

This revolutionary formula creates a golden tan in only 1 hour, a bronzed tan if left on for 2 hours and a deeper colour when washed off after 3 hours.

£26.95 £24.50

Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Self Tanning Serum For Face And Body 148ml

A beauty and bronzing hybrid that not only delivers a golden glow but also conditions your skin, with superfood Coconut Oil and Fake Bake luxurious tanning formula blended.

£29.95 £27.00

Fake Bake Original Self Tan Lotion 170ml

The tan where it all begun. Globally famous and bestselling self tan lotion effortlessly glides onto the skin, for a streak free application.

£26.95 £24.50

Fake Bake Tanning Water 198ml

Giving your skin a boost of hydration, this lightweight water to foam formula will leave your skin glowing and bronzed.

£24.95 £22.50

Fake Bake Fair Gradual Self Tan Lotion 170ml

A Self-Tan Lotion specially formulated for the fairer complexion or as a gradual tan if desired. With its subtle fudge guide colour you can still apply with ease and confidence.

£24.95 £22.50