Eye Of Horus Brushes And Tools

Eye Of Horus Brushes And Tools

Shop our range of Eye Of Horus Brushes And Tools and discover the right one for you from brushes and tweezers to high quality lash curlers and sharpeners to ensure a professional application, after all the right tools are just as important as the makeup itself.


Eye Of Horus Cosmetic Sharpener Square

Sharpener will delicately sharpen your Eye Pencils.


Eye Of Horus Precision Tweezers

Precision professional quality Tweezers, engineered to remove even the shortest hairs without nipping the skin.


Eye of Horus Goddess Lash Curler

Lash Curler compliments the Goddess Mascara. Designed to enhance the curl of your natural lashes.


Eye of Horus Goddess Brush Kit

This Essential Brush Kit contains everything you need to achieve the perfect eye look.


Eye of Horus Vegan Angled Brush

A fluffy angled brush, designed to sweep colour across your upper and lower lash line with ease.


Eye of Horus Vegan Blending Brush

The ultimate shadow blending tool, designed to define and contour with ease.


Eye of Horus Vegan Contour Brush

The perfect brush to highlight and achieve ultimate sculpted definition.


Eye of Horus Vegan Eye Shadow Brush

This versatile, multi-use brush will allow effortless application of eye shadow.


Eye of Horus Vegan Multi-Tasking Brush

This highly versatile brush is ideal for stippling, blending and buffing both liquids and powders.