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Dr Dennis Gross Skincare was formally called MD Skincare. We are authorised Dr Dennis Gross UK stockists and offer the full range, from the best selling Alpha Beta Face Peels to cult favourite Ferulic and Retinol Eye Serum. All orders are sent with free samples and free delivery is available. Dr Dennis Gross products were created by Dr Dennis Gross himself, a leading Manhattan Dermatologist who has devoted his life to the science of skincare. The range is cruelty free, and some are vegan. With multi functional products that deliver immediate results for all skin types providing dermatological results without a prescription.

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels

Resurrect radiance, reduce wrinkles, and refine pores with the Number 1 at home peel. Gives a softer, more radiant skin.

Dr Dennis Gross Cleansers And Toners

When skin is properly cleansed, there will be less opportunity for clogged pores and the rest of your routine will be more effective.

Dr Dennis Gross Eye And Lip Treatments

Designed to treat the delicate skin of the eyes and lips, as these areas require specially formulated treatments that are strong yet gentle.

Dr Dennis Gross Masks

Regenerate and treat yourself to multi tasking masks for anti ageing, brightening, firming, and clarifying in just a few minutes.

Dr Dennis Gross Moisturisers And Serums

Reinforce the moisture barrier and address concerns including wrinkles, uneven tone, hyperpigmentation, acne, dullness, dry skin, sagging,...

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Devices

Experience the super anti ageing powers with LED, a light that represents the spectrum of lights that repairs damage, reduces fine lines...

Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic And Retinol

Formulated with a unique blend of antioxidants which makes retinol more moisturising, more powerful, and less irritating, addressing any...

Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine

Replenish parched skin with time released hydration from hyaluronic acid, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin C And Collagen

Revive luminosity with vitamin C, natures most powerful brightening and firming agent, it jump starts collagen production for firmer, healthier...

Dr Dennis Gross Skin Kits

Shop kits and sets, plus limited edition collections while stock lasts. Whether for a loved one or a special treat, you can make savings.

Dr Dennis Gross UK

Dr Dennis Gross, NYC dermatologist, has devoted his life to the science of skincare. Skin, the largest organ of the body, is the first to show signs of both external and internal health. The quality and scope of his education and research inspired a passion within to fight the deadly epidemic of skin cancer. During his early years as a dermatologist in NYC, Dr. Gross would spend hours “in the field” conducting free skin cancer screenings in and around NYC, educating the public about this life-threatening disease.

Dennis Gross, M.D., is a practising dermatologist and board certified dermatological surgeon in NYC. Dr. Gross received his dermatologic training at the prestigious New York University Medical Centre, earning a medical degree with research distinctions. Dr. Gross has trained, taught and performed research at world-renowned institutes such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and Rockefeller University, published numerous scientific reports on skin cancer and was actively involved in pioneering research on Interferon and Cancer Immunology.

"I evaluate data from around the world to decide what ingredients to use. Every formulation is unique. My goal is to use cutting-edge technology in all of my products and to serve my patients-and the consumer-by filling any voids that exist in the market. You may not be able to visit a dermatologist everyday, but you can use the same formulas I use."

Dr. Gross believes in a synergy between medical treatments, professional services and retail products for effective at-home care. When key ingredients are applied as Topical Supplements, you can slow down and reverse the active ageing process, and prevent sun damage. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ utilises carefully engineered, breakthrough ingredients and delivery systems which help the consumer achieve results comparable to a doctor's office treatment.

Gross is highly regarded as the first to develop a 2-step at-home facial peel gentle enough to be used on a daily basis (Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel). Gross has a reputation for formulating breakthrough products with advanced technology. Dr. Gross is also the creator of the Intense Hydra Mask, which uses hyaluronic acid to plump skin, leaving it firmer, smoother, and younger looking. He received accolades from Women's Wear Daily Beauty Biz for developing the Breakthrough Product of the Year with the innovative Hydra-Pure® category. This technology consists of a unique Hydra-Pure Chelating ComplexT, the first of its kind, which effectively addresses free radicals from environmental aggressors such as impure tap water, sun and pollution. Gross was the first to incorporate chelators, which prevent environmental ageing and inflammation, into a skincare line.

Gross' expertise and products have consistently been featured in fashion and beauty consumer magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar, and he has appeared as a guest on national television outlets such as The Today Show, The Early Show, Entertainment Tonight and Extra! Dr. Gross travels the country lecturing and speaking to professionals and consumers regarding skincare and he is a regular contributor to numerous articles in magazines and dermatologic textbooks. Dr. Gross' book, Your Future Face, focuses on a customised approach for individual problems.

Gross currently resides in NYC with Carrie Gross his wife (and business partner) and their four children, he runs a busy medical practice, interacting with patients every day. He serves the Skin Cancer Foundation and is a current fellow and active member of the American Academy of Dermatology, New York Dermatological Society, the Society for Dermatological Surgery and Oncology and the American Cancer Society.

Dr Dennis Gross Products

PETA appreciates and recognizes Dr Dennis Gross Skincare UK commitment to remaining cruelty-free. As proud member's of PETA's Caring Consumer Project, we assure our customers that animal tests are neither conducted nor commissioned for our products, formulations, or ingredients. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ proudly is, and always will be, an animal-loving company.


Do all of the products have to be used together as a system?

I do feel that the products work best together as a system; after all, that is how they were designed to function. However, it is important to note that these products are not dependent on each other to deliver complete results. Each Dr Dennis Gross Skincare™ product stands alone as an effective treatment product, and can fit into any skin care routine.

What makes Dr Dennis Gross Skincare™ different from all the other doctor/dermatologist brands?

Dr Dennis Gross personally formulates all of his products to deliver immediate and long-term results for all skin types by combining the best of what nature and science have to offer. He is a practising New York City dermatologist and daily interactions with my Manhattan patients provide inspiration for all of my product creations. His patients keep me informed about voids and frustrations they have with their skincare regimens and products, and he always keeps this invaluable feedback top of mind when he is working on new product development. All products are multi-functional, providing dermatologist results without a prescription, to save both time and money. Products work synergistically and we always use medical grade ingredients and seek to provide a “surgical procedure alternative” for those in search of a flawless, younger-looking complexion.

Is it safe to use if I am pregnant?

Yes, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare products do not contain ingredients that would negatively affect a pregnancy in any way. In fact, the Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel, used in conjunction with our Hydra-Pure® skin care products, will actually help to treat melasma, and other conditions that pregnant women may experience. It is also good to always wear sunscreen as melasma is very sun-sensitive. Glycolic and OTC strength Salicylic Acid are safe to use, but I advise patients not to use Salicylic Acid even at OTC strength (which maxes out at 2%) more than once a day. If you are on the fence, it is best to discuss this matter directly with your personal care physician.

Does it test on animals?

It is an animal-loving company, emphatically against animal cruelty. We do not test our products on animals.

Do the products contain fragrance?

Generally, all Dr Dennis Gross Skincare products are fragrance-free, making all them ideal for both men and women. However, there is a small trace of hypo-allergenic fragrance in a few products to enhance the application experience, and should not cause irritation or skin sensitivity:

  • Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel
  • Alpha Beta® Daily Body Peel

Can the products, including the Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel, be used in conjunction with Retin-A®, Renova®, Differin®, Avita™ or Accutane®?

Yes. However, if you wish to exercise extreme caution, you should stop using prescription retinoic acid products for two nights prior to the initial application of the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ product (there is a small chance the combination could be irritating to certain skin). Once you have used Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ products for a day or two without irritation, it is safe to resume a normal schedule of Retin-A® or other retinoic products. If dryness or irritation occurs, try alternating the use of your products.

Can I use the products if I have eczema?

Any rash should be evaluated by your personal care physician who would then authorise the use of our products; the exception is acne, because our products have OTC medication to help treat and relieve those conditions.

May I safely use Dr Dennis Gross Skincare products if I am allergic to aspirin?

If you suffer from an allergy to aspirin, it is always recommended to consult your personal care physician before using any skincare products.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare

In addition to disease prevention, Dr Gross also saw a need to reverse sun damage, the number one cause of ageing and wrinkles. He immediately began educating his patients about the importance of sun protection – not only for melanoma prevention, but as a beauty treatment. Within a few short years, he became one of the most respected and sought-after dermatologists in the country.

In his private practice, Dr. Gross witnessed his patients’ quest for beauty and their dissatisfaction with the scope of beauty treatments available to address everything from ageing to acne. With chemical peels becoming increasingly popular, he observed a phenomenon he describes as “over-exfoliation.” These peels produced chronic inflammation and sabotaged the beauty and health of his patients’ skin. Determined to improve upon these harsh and ineffective treatments, he formulated the Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel, a facial peel originally created as a treatment for use on his patients.

"The results were so profound that I knew I had something radically better than what was out there," Gross said.

The Alpha Beta® Professional System was soon formulated for estheticians to administer in a spa setting nationwide. Simultaneously, Gross formulated the Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel for everyday, at-home use. Now wildly popular, this non-irritating, micro-exfoliating™ treatment eliminates dullness, fights ageing, treats breakouts, shrinks pores and calms redness (just to name a few).

The synergy between the professional version found in spas and the at-home version, purchased to maintain skin between professional treatments, delivers immediate, visible firming and enhanced radiance.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare UK formerly MD Skincare® was established in 2002 as a line of multi-tasking products that help skin meet its most beautiful potential – providing dramatic results within days and a long-term transformation with continued use. Inspired by his loyal following, Dr Gross formulates every product himself, combining a blend of the best natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals with the most scientifically advanced delivery systems.

Whether it's satisfying patients’ requests for clinical-strength products or discovering the next big skincare trend, Gross stays true to what Dr Dennis Gross Skincare™ is all about, "With the right skincare products, you can achieve at home – what it once took a visit to a dermatologist to accomplish," Gross said.

"You can't visit a dermatologist every day but you can use the same formulations I use."

Points of Difference F.I.R.M.


Dr Gross background as a skin cancer researcher and product formulator, coupled with daily patient interaction in his NYC practice, gives him experience and foresight to develop stellar formulas that permanently improve any complexion.


Multiple, concentrated ingredients instilled into each formula alleviate various concerns, fight again and repair. High concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals enhance penetration and performance. The only skincare line with an exclusive Chelating Complex™ to detoxify skin from free radicals found in water.


Visible results, such as a noticeable difference in skin health and clarity, will be apparent after just 3 days of use. Long-term, cumulative benefits will be achieved after 30 days. Skin will continue to improve over time. Like exercise, best results are achieved through consistent and/or daily use.


Formulas are multi-functional gender neutral and benefit all skin types and ages. Many products achieve more than one purpose, such as a cleanser that doubles as a toner and make-up remover.