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Dermo28 Unica


The Unica range of skincare products by Dermo28 targets genetic, hormonal and environmental ageing. Using the best skincare technology available to guarantee the perfect anti ageing solution resulting in firmer, smoother, hydrated and brighter skin.

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Dermo28 Radiance Complex 30ml

A real boost of youth and radiance. An intensive serum that exfoliates, moisturises and brightens your face. Your skin will appear rejuvenated and smoother and it will reveal its glowing complexion.

Price £109.00

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Dermo28 Unica Anti Ageing Absolute Moisturiser 50ml

Restores and revitalises your skin by enhancing hydration and making your skin looking firmer.

Price £90.00

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Dermo28 Unieye Eye Cream 15ml

An anti ageing eye product specific for the reduction of puffiness and dark circles.

Price £66.00

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Dermo28 Unilift Anti Ageing Lifting Serum 15ml

A weightless, silky serum ideal for an intensive and long lasting lifting effect. Guaranteeing an instant long lasting lift, progressively increasing skins oxygenation, radiance and nourishment.

Price £54.00

Free delivery available

Dermo28 Unimask 75ml

A smoothing and antioxidant mask treatment with an antioxidant effect, reducing the signs of ageing and preventing the appearance of hyper pigmentation.

Price £48.00

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