Dermo28 Proage

Dermo28 Proage

The Proage skincare range by Dermo28 is the perfect day to day range for preventing skin ageing. Full of active ingredients that maintain the skins barrier function, for fighting and preventing the first signs of ageing and preserving a healthy skin.



Dermo28 Day C Complex 30ml

A protective and restoring serum rich in Vitamin C to boost radiance, prevent and fight the signs of ageing.

£64.00 £44.00

Dermo28 Hydra Source Energizing Cleansing Foam 150ml

A delicate cleansing foam suitable for all skin types. A micellar formula that perfectly removes makeup and impurities.


Dermo28 Futura Energizing Cream 50ml

A rich energising cream ideal for preventing the signs of ageing, giving your face new energy and firmness.