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Dermo28 Perfecta


The Perfecta body care range of products by Dermo28 have been formulated to target cellulite and to help improve elasticity and tone.

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Dermo28 Criogel 200ml

A cooling gel perfect for leg fatigue, an innovative formula that helps ease the feeling of heavy legs.


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Dermo28 Extrema 200ml

An intensive serum specific for the treatment of the appearance of cellulite that ensures firmness and suppleness, leaving the skin hydrated and elastic.


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Dermo28 Firm Up 200ml

A specific formula that restores tone to the tissues that lose firmness, leaving skin restored with improved tone and elasticity.


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Dermo28 Ocean Mask 200ml

A reducing intensive treatment with hyperemic action, essential for the reduction of the appearance of cellulite.


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Dermo28 Perfecta Home Therapy 30ml x8

Perfecta SPA in the intimacy of your home.


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