Dermo28 Eye And Lip Care

Dermo28 Eye And Lip Care

Treat your eyes with Dermo28 eye and lip care treatments. Targeted formulas specially designed for the eyes and lips providing effective solutions for ageing, dark circles and puffiness, and also smoother lips.



Dermo28 Gentle Eye Cream 15ml

A delicate cream for sensitive and reactive eye contour treatment.

£54.00 £34.00

Dermo28 Unieye Eye Cream 15ml

An anti ageing eye product specific for the reduction of puffiness and dark circles.


Dermo28 Eye Complex 15ml

It guarantees an optimal lifting effect and reduces puffiness and under eye bags.


Dermo28 Soothing Formula Lip Care Treatment 15ml

An innovative formula with healing and soothing action. Specific for lips and cracked areas.