Decleor Aroma Cleanse Micellar Oil 150ml

Decleor Aroma Cleanse Micellar Oil 150ml

Decleor Aroma Cleanse Micellar Oil 150ml
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Brand Decleor
Product Type Cleansers And Toners
Skin Type All Skin Types
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This dual action cleanser with its sublime texture is a pleasure to use as it dissolves away impurities, removing stubborn make up, including eye makeup and waterproof formulas. Decleor Micellar Oil Cleanser 150ml leaves perfectly clear, toned and radiant with an amazing silky finish. Once massaged into skin, the fine oil particles kick start micro circulation to boost radiance leaving the complexion nourished, refreshed and revitalised, perfectly prepared for the next skincare step.

When massaged into the skin, the fine oil particles kick start your micro circulation to boost radiance. A few drops of water are then added to turn the oil into a milky white emulsion to clean and clear the complexion. When rinsed off, skin feels fresh, nourished and revitalized, perfectly prepped for the next step in your skincare routine.

Benefits of active ingredients:

  • Deeply cleanses the skin lifting all the daily grime and impurities thanks to the magnetic action of oil (oil attracts oil)
  • Effectively removes all makeup, even the most stubborn including waterproof and long wear make up.
  • Thanks to Micelles skin is respected, skin barrier is protected and reinforced.
  • The skin is soothed and comforted thanks to Sweet Almond Oil
  • Provides suppleness and softness thanks to Squalane

Benefits of oily texture:

  • Perfectly dissolves and disperses all impurities
  • Delivers maximum comfort
  • Respects the cutaneous barrier
  • Provides an immediate sensation of freshness when you rinse with water

Directions: Apply to a dry skin, smooth over the face and eyes, massage gently to help lift the impurities and then add water to turn the oil into a light as feather milky texture.


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