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Body Moisturisers

Body Moisturisers

Intensely nourish and hydrate your skin with our range of body moisturisers, lotions and balms. Perfect for your daily body care beauty regime and to leave your skin with a luxurious touch. Choose from rich and sensuous, natural and organic, lightly scented or perfumed from our professional brands that include Tisserand, Neom, Aromatherapy Associates and Decleor.


Absolution La Solution Fermete Body Firming Booster Serum 50ml

An organic firming body serum that restructures, tones and strengthens all the sensitive areas. Helps prevent cellulite and fights against stretch marks.

£39.50 £20.50

Aromatherapy Associates Lotion 300ml

A nourishing hand and body lotion, gentle enough for all skin types with essential oils that include vanilla, ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli.


Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Body Butter 200ml

Give skin a healthy sheen with this deeply nourishing body butter full of natural oils, rich babassu oil and murumuru butter help to transform dull, dry skin.


Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Massage And Body Oil 100ml

A body oil to enrich the skin, full of natural plant extracts and essentials oils of geranium, ylang ylang and vanilla, leaving it seriously soft, smooth and healthy.


Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Cream 200ml

Treat dry and stressed skin, protecting against stretch marks and leaving your skin glowing, soft and smooth to touch.


Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel 200ml

This highly versatile gel has been blended with invigorating essential oils to instantly boost your circulation and leave you feeling refreshed.


Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Lotion 200ml

Give yourself an energy boost with this body lotion, expertly blended with invigorating essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper.


Crystal Clear Skincare Velvet Skin 200ml

For smooth, soft skin all over. This sublime anti-ageing serum has a heavenly melt-in texture. Its light, non greasy formula leaves skin feeling silky smooth.


Decleor Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Moisturising Body Milk 250ml

Give your skin a boost of hydration with this body lotion that melts into your skin giving it a protective layer of moisture.

£35.00 £32.70

Decleor Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Moisturising Body Milk 400ml

This must have body moisturiser not only rehydrates the skin, but improves elasticity and firmness, in limited edition super size.

£39.00 £32.00

Decleor Aroma Confort Systeme Corps Nourishing Body Milk 250ml

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin types, enveloping the skin in a protective layer. This luxurious body lotion leaves skin silky soft and revitalised.


Decleor Aroma Nutrition Nourishing Rich Body Cream 200ml

Formulated with Frankincense essential oil, Shea butter and Plum Kernel oil, to leave skin soothed, soft and more comfortable.

£37.00 £30.00

Decleor Aroma Svelt Firming Oil In Body Cream 100ml

A firming body cream formulated with microdroplets of oil that melt on the skin, to improve skins firmness and elasticity, stimulating the circulation.

£47.00 £44.00

Decleor Aromessence Encens Nourishing Body Balm 125ml

Treat your dry skin with this rich and luxurious body balm made with 100% active and natural ingredients, the barrier protection of the skin is rebuilt as tightness is instantly soothed.

£40.00 £34.00

Decleor Cica Botanic Balm 50ml

A natural solution to soothe and repair dry and sensitive skin, with a blend of essential oils and natural waxes to give irritated skin immediate comfort and care.

£35.00 £30.00

Decleor Systeme Corps Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk 250ml

This light moisturiser that helps intensely nourish and gradually tan the body with a beautiful natural golden glow.

£35.00 £32.50

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream 473ml

Lock in moisture and relieve dryness, blended with a hydroxy acid complex, essential oils and botanicals to gently exfoliate your skin to leave it toned, smooth and hydrated.

£44.00 £40.00

Dermo28 Emulsione Soffice Moisturising Body Emulsion 200ml

An essential body lotion rich in Vitamin E for optimal hydration.

£40.00 £25.00

Dermo28 Unica Body 200ml

A cream that nourishes, firms and shapes your body.


Fake Bake Mistifier Oil Free Spray 120ml

Easy to apply, fast application contains two anti–oxidants green tea and vitamin E which protect the skin from free radicals. UK ONLY


Hydropeptide Firming Body Moisturiser 200ml

This anti ageing body cream addresses and corrects the appearance scars, discolouration, stretch marks and wrinkles.

£78.00 £70.00

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Hand And Body Cream 119ml

This body lotion dramatically improves the appearance of ageing and environmentally damaged skin.


Jan Marini Cellulitx Cellulite Cream 114g

A break through solution to treat the appearance of cellulite, formulated with 11 key ingredients to target trouble areas making them look more smooth and toned.


John And Ginger Organic Hand And Body Lotion Number 5

Envelope your skin in this luxurious body lotion scented with fresh Green Tea and Citrus, like a fresh morning breeze.

£20.00 £12.00

Karin Herzog Dynamic Duo

Fight cellulite, firm up skin and remodel your silhouette with these two full sized body care treatments, includes two tubes of 150ml each and a body brush.

£120.00 £100.00

Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% 150ml

With 1% Oxygen and Fruit Acids this light formula is a superb all over body exfoliator and moisturiser combined.

£51.00 £45.00

Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 3% 150ml

With 3% Oxygen this detoxifying body cream is suitable for acne, sun damage, scar tissue and breakouts. Pure oxygen and fragrance free, this is a body cream with boundless uses.

£54.00 £50.00

Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun 150ml

1% active oxygen. You will acquire a superb, even tan thanks to its oxygen content, Oxygen Sun ensures not only an even melanin spread but also optimal skin hydration.


Karin Herzog Silhouette Anti Cellulite Body Lotion 150ml

One of the few cellulite products on the market that does not contain Caffeine. Contains 4% oxygen to penetrate the areas of the body where the skin is uneven and where fatty deposits are at their densest.

£59.00 £52.00

Karin Herzog Tone And Tan Anti Cellulite Self Tanning Cream 150ml

An anti cellulite self tanning cream based on the Karin Herzog Tonus B12 with lashings of potent green tea and concentrated vitamin B12, plus a self tanning agent.

£51.00 £35.00

Karin Herzog Tonus B12 Body Toning Lotion 150ml

Leave skin firmer, smoother and with greater elasticity, with a refreshing and uplifting aroma and luxurious texture to give long lasting hydration.

£46.00 £42.00

Luxury Dadi Lotion 236ml Pump

A full body and hand lotion based on award winning Dadi Oil. Contains no sulfates or parabens and is vegan.


Luxury Dadi Lotion 59ml Travel Size

Take your favourite Luxury Dadi Lotion everywhere in a convenient 59 ml travel sized bottle. A full body and hand lotion based on award winning Dadi Oil. Contains no sulfates or parabens and it also is vegan.


Monu Spa Hand And Body Protector SPF15 180ml

Protect the skin during exposure to UV rays with this light and non sticky lotion which will also nourish and hydrate your skin.

£19.95 £11.95

Monu Tanworx Hydrating Body Lotion 200ml

This luxuriously rich body lotion with its refreshing scent will nourish and hydrate your skin.

£21.95 £12.95

Monu Tanworx Illuminating Moisturiser 200ml

This is the perfect addition to your Self Tan routine as it illuminates the skin to give you a healthy glow.

£21.95 £12.95

Monu Tanworx Tan Maintainer 120ml

This non-greasy lightweight moisturiser has been created to prolong the life of your tan giving you a radiant glow all year round.


Moschino Chic Petals Body Lotion 200ml

A sensual and delicate lightweight body lotion.


Neom Energy Burst Body And Hand Lotion 250ml

A scent to provoke positive thoughts and sunny days, an energising fragrance of grapefruit, lemon and rosemary, skin is left soft, hydrated and deeply nourished.


Neom Great Day Body And Hand Lotion 250ml

Awaken your body and mind, infused with a natural blend of 8 essential oils that include Wild Mint and Mandarin to lift your mood and banish stress.


Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Magnesium Body Butter 200ml

A deeply nourishing treatment, perfect for all over your body supercharged with magnesium and Neom Tranquillity fragrance.


Neom Real Luxury Body And Hand Lotion 250ml

For skin in need of a luxurious moisture boost, scented with the Real Luxury fragrance from pure essential oils to nourish, smooth and protect your skin.


Neom Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter 200ml

A deeply nourishing treatment, perfect for all over your body supercharged with magnesium and Neom Real Luxury fragrance.


Neom Tranquillity Body And Hand Lotion 250ml

A luxurious body and hand lotion and part of the Scent To Sleep range, with a complex of 19 relaxing essential oils that include English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.


Opi Avojuice Coconut Melon Juicie 250ml

Luscious tropical fruit, blended with softening coconut and hydrating melon.


Opi Avojuice Cran And Berry Juicie 250ml

The irresistible zing of cranberry, in a berry rich medley.


Opi Avojuice Ginger Lily Juicie 250ml

Juice up your skin with an invigorating blend, of sensual fruit and flowers.


Opi Avojuice Ginger Lily Juicie 30ml

An invigorating blend of sensual fruit and flowers, bursting with natural moisture.


Opi Avojuice Jasmine Juicie 250ml

An alluring scent of blooming jasmine with a hint of citrus and violet.


Opi Avojuice Jasmine Juicie 30ml

Blooming jasmine, with a hint of citrus and violet.


Opi Avojuice Mango Juicie 250ml

A blend of tantalizing tropical fruit, hydrating mango extract.


Opi Avojuice Peony And Poppy Juicie 250ml

Inspired by natures sweet smells of summer.


Opi Avojuice Sweet Lemon Sage Juicie 250ml

Aromatic fusion of sweet lemons, and Mediterranean sage.


Opi Avojuice Vanilla Lavender Juicie 250ml

A dreamy blend of, creamy vanilla and summer evening lavender.

Out of stock

Opi Avojuice Violet Orchid Juicie 250ml

The hypnotic scent of an exotic flower, with Violet Orchid.


Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum 200ml

Get smooth and glowing skin with this moisturising body serum, rich in AHA's that boost the natural exfoliating process, strengthen the skins barrier, instantly hydrating and smoothing for an all over glow.


Ren Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Anti Fatigue Body Cream 200ml

Nourish, firm and tone your skin, this body cream is infused with powerful microalgae to re-energise and restore balance, toning and firming fatigued skin.


Ren Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Energising Hand Lotion 300ml

Soothe irritation and restore softness to your hands with this light and fresh hand and body lotion.


Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion 200ml

Deeply hydrate your skin and leave it delicately scented with rose.


Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Firming Creme Riche 200ml

A nourishing but light body cream to hydrate and replenish your skin, leaving it looking smoother and firmer.


Ren Neroli And Grapefruit Body Cream 200ml

Deeply nourishing and hydrating, this Body Cream will leave your skin feeling supple, protected and silky.


Sienna X Radiance Body Balm 200ml

A perfectly balanced moisturiser combining luxurious natural ingredients, made to make your tan last.


Sienna X Secret Tan Primer 75ml

Giving you that professional touch, enabling you to create a flawless tan at home.

£9.00 £6.00

St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser 200ml

Maintain your golden glow with this tan enhancing moisturiser. Your tan will last longer and fade evenly when applied daily.


Suki Ultra Protect Body Balm 60ml

This is a multi tasking balm essential after daily exfoliation for problem skin, providing a moisture barrier for dry, sensitive, troubled skin that needs long wear nourishment and protection.


Tisserand Ascot Spirited Away Body Collection 2 x 295ml

Beautifully boxed, this collection contains full sized versions of both the Spirited Away Body Wash and Body Lotion.

£25.00 £24.00

Tisserand Ascot Spirited Away Body Lotion 295ml

Infused with active ingredients and notes of bergamot, jasmine and sweet orange. Luxurious and uplifting, with a fragrance inspired by one of the worlds most famous and best loved racecourses.


Tisserand Ascot Spirited Away Hand Collection 2 x 295ml

Beautifully boxed, this collection contains full sized versions of both the Spirited Away Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.


Tisserand Ascot Spirited Away Hand Lotion 295ml

This nourishing hand cream is easily absorbed into hands leaving your skin lightly fragranced and beautifully soft. Infused with cedarwood, clove, lemon, orange, patchouli and tangerine.

£15.00 £14.00

Tisserand Lavender And White Mint Body Lotion 195ml

Blended with Lavender and White Mint essential oils to balance and relax you, and delicate rose to restore your senses.

£10.95 £10.40

Tisserand Neroli And Sandalwood Body Lotion 195ml

Blended with Neroli and Sandalwood essential oils to refresh and restore your mind, and Ho Wood and Patchouli to nurture the senses.

£10.95 £10.40

Tisserand Rose And Geranium Leaf Body Lotion 195ml

To enrich and balance you, and sweet orange and patchouli to lift your mind, leaving your skin feeling nourished.

£10.95 £10.40

Versace Bright Crystal Body Lotion 200ml

The fresh, vibrant and flowery scent of Versace Bright Crystal is infused with this body lotion, the perfect complement of an enticing and voluptuous fragrance.


Versace Eros Pour Femme Body Lotion 200ml

A beautiful body lotion infused with the fresh and passionate scent of Eros Pour Femme, a blend of seduction, attraction and desire. UK ONLY


Versace Yellow Diamond Body Lotion 200ml

This Yellow Diamond infused body lotion is the perfect complement to a voluptuous fragrance that is as pure as sunlight.



Vitage Age Defence Body Therapy 200ml

Dry patches are a thing of the past with this body moisturiser, going above and beyond to provide 24 hours of hydration.