BeautyLab Body Care

BeautyLab Body Care

Shop BeautyLab Body Care products, a luxurious range made with exotic extracts, plant and marine derived actives to help sculpt and reshape the body. Maintaining a softer, smoother, firmer and healthier looking skin, with age prevention benefits.


BeautyLab Intense Moisture Rescue Cream 200ml

An intensely hydrating body cream, rich in peptides and natural extracts. Designed to soothe, repair, nourish and hydrate skin.


BeautyLab Micropolish Skin Rejuvenator 200ml

A light exfoliating body lotion, designed to stimulate and help improve skin texture and overall appearance.


BeautyLab Skinfirm Bodysculpt Gel 200ml

This light body gel is designed to stimulate, smooth, tighten and firm your skin. Improving skin texture.


BeautyLab Tripeptide Collagen Hand Mask 100ml

A triple action plumping and firming hand mask, designed to help prevent age spots.


BeautyLab Velvet Silk Body Wash 200ml

A rich foaming body wash infused with essential oils, designed to invigorate, hydrate and refresh.