BeautyLab Anti Ageing Products

BeautyLab Anti Ageing Products

Shop BeautyLab Anti-Ageing products, this is an advanced anti ageing skincare range and is specifically formulated with exclusive peptides and highly active plant derived extracts. Suitable for aged and prematurely aged skins.


BeautyLab Relax Neuropeptide Serum 50ml

An anti ageing daily facial serum, designed to firm and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


BeautyLab Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 100ml

A gentle oily cleanser, designed for removal of makeup even waterproof mascara.


BeautyLab Hydrating Mask 50ml

A rich, moisturising and plumping anti ageing mask, designed to plump and hydrate skin.


BeautyLab Hydrating Toner 200ml

Moisturise, revitalise and nourish with this hydrating and anti ageing facial toner.


BeautyLab Instant Renewal Eye Complex 15ml

A highly effective anti ageing, daily eye cream that lifts and restores.


BeautyLab Micropolish Dermabrasion 50ml

A gentle anti ageing, skin resurfacing glycolic polish. Designed to help improve skins complexion and regain a youthful lustre.


BeautyLab Overnight Repair Beauty Cream 50ml

A perfectly balanced anti ageing, firming and repairing night cream. Designed to nourish and repair.


BeautyLab Silk Cleanser 200ml

A creamy cleansing and hydrating lotion with skin smoothing papaya for deeper cleansing.


BeautyLab Tripeptide Collagen Hand Mask 100ml

A triple action plumping and firming hand mask, designed to help prevent age spots.