Base Coats


Base Coats

Shop our wide selection of Base Coats to give your manicure and pedicure that professional look. Add base coat to your nail before your chosen shade of polish, to even out the texture of your nail and fill in ridges. Whether you want to protect your nails from staining or to treat your nails, we have the right one for you. Choose from our professional nail brands Jessica, OPI, Kure Bazaar Seche and more.



Jessica Restoration

For post acrylic or damaged nails. This conditioner helps rebuild the nail from foundation to surface with intensive strengtheners.



Opi Natural Nail Strengthener 15ml

An effective basecoat that builds in layers to reinforce and protect weak nails.

cannot be shipped overseas

£15.50 £14.50


Jessica Fusion

For peeling nails. Bonds the nails delicate layers.



Seche Natural 14ml

Enriched with wheat protein and calcium to nourish and protect nails. Wear alone with a chic matte finish or under polish.

Please note: cannot be shipped overseas

£12.95 £7.95


Jessica Bend Dont Break

A basecoat for brittle nails, designed to achieve maximum flexibility for the nails.



Jessica Diamonds Endurance Basecoat

Shatterproof basecoat, with genuine diamond particles for a protective coating.



Jessica Phenom Base Coat

Extend your nail wear even further with this specialist base coat, featuring a chip resistant technology.

Please note: Cannot be exchanged, returned, or sold outside the uk.


Kure Bazaar Clean Base Coat

A natural base coat or even a minimalistic nail polish with a matte finish, leaving nails looking clean and chic.



Kure Bazaar Super Base

A unique nail treatment that protects and repairs effortlessly for exceptional results on the nails, plus it boasts a natural, non chemical solution making it super nail friendly.