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Bare Botanicals is an award winning skincare brand and 100 percent natural products to help dry, irritated skin plus target premature ageing. Free from harsh synthetic chemicals, paraffin, parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and animal ingredients. Find the right gentle skincare product for your skin needs with Bare Botanicals have two great ranges formulated to be as gentle as possible, suitable for all. Used to be called Barefoot SOS.

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Bare Botanicals UK

The company’s name was inspired by the ancient Chinese tradition of barefoot doctors who travelled from village to village without shoes, dispensing wisdom and remedies. With their extensive knowledge of healing plants, Hilery and Jonathan had the perfect basis for a range of natural remedies and organic skin and hair care products for the 21st Century.

Jonathan Stallick and Hilery Dorrian met through a love of natural medicine. Their passion for the healing power of plants has led them to create the heaven-for-skin Barefoot SOS now know as Bare Botanicals range. Actually, Bare Botanicals has its roots in a problem that’s usually talked about in hushed whispers: head lice. When her daughter was affected by an outbreak at school, Hilery trawled the shops to find a natural head lice treatment – but as a knowledgeable homeopath, couldn’t find anything she was prepared to put on her daughter’s head. Over a cup of tea with Jonathan, Hilery discussed her dilemma. Together, they set about formulating their own solution – using carefully-selected, tried-and-trusted essential oils in a base of pure vodka. The formula worked brilliantly – and Barefoot SOS was born

Science vs Herbal Wisdom

The secret of Bare Botanicals success lies in advanced formulations, which combine the best of cutting-edge science with a thousand years of herbal wisdom. Our ingredients are carefully sourced to provide high performance with powerful therapeutic benefits without sacrificing ethical integrity.

A Glowing Reputation

Not surprisingly, from the moment of its launch, Bare Botanicals acquired a glowing reputation among the therapeutic community. Now, word has spread – and Bare Botanicals has celebrity beauty therapists, journalists and leading supermodels knocking on our door. The secret? This organic skin and hair-care range goes beyond hype. Bare Botanicals quite simply works.

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Bare Botanicals Products

  • Advanced - Pioneered formulations of ingredients underpinned by research
  • Natural - Pure ingredients known to be ideal solutions & free from chemical nasties
  • Therapeutic - Lead ingredients have specifically cooling, soothing & calming effects
  • Formula - Carefully crafted blends of high quality leading & supportive
  • Ingredients - Lead Ingredients: Stellaria (Chickweed) is from the humble wild plant, instantly cools, soothes the skin and brings comfort. This hero ingredient performance is enhanced in a natural base with other nourishing oils and botanical extracts such as Organic Sulphur (MSM), Mallow, Burdock, Macadamia and gentle and nurturing essential oils such as Neroli and Chamomile.

Bare Botanicals Skincare

Product Trials

Independent trials on SOS Face and Body Cream compared to a brand leader. Skin dryness and water loss were measured and showed:

  • “Compared with the brand leader for dry skin, SOS is significantly better in protecting, maintaining a good skin barrier and hydrating after multiple uses”
  • “SOS significantly improves the skins hydration even after a single application”
  • “Significantly improves the skin barrier with immediate effects”
  • “SOS showed a highly significant reduction in redness compared to the control”
  • “The effects of SOS were greater than E45 in restoring and repairing the affected areas”