Avant Body Care

Avant Body Care

Choose from our wide range of Avant Body Care products and shop, foot products, body and hand and nail products. These light textured products aim to deeply penetrate the skin, leaving all parts of your body feeling fully nourished.


Avant Glycolic Acid Vivifying And Firming Body Treatment 100ml

A vivifying and firming treatment designed to help tone and detoxify the skin.


Avant Hand Nail And Cuticle Anti-Ageing Cream 50ml

Restore your hands moisture and keep your skin looking young and supple.


Avant Instant Pro-Lux Hand Exfoliator 60ml

A deeply soothing exfoliator that nourishes your hands and lower arms.


Avant Perfecting Skin Renewal Foot Scrub 60ml

Banish dry, callused skin and make sure your feet are left smooth and luxuriously scented.


Avant Sumptuous Glycolic Acid Hand Balm 50ml

A hand balm that deeply penetrates into the skin boosting firmness, and smoothes fine lines.


Avant Ultra Refreshing And Relaxing Foot Therapy 50ml

Luxury foot cream to restore skins structure and aims to reduce visible signs of ageing.