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Aromatherapy Face Oils

Buy Aromatherapy Face Oils to look after your skin, these powerful natural aromatic blends are the moist effective way to treat your skin. Browse the range from our top brands and find the right oil to help your individual skin needs, from acne to anti-ageing, these oils will balance your skin.

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Aromatherapy Associates Anti Ageing Fine Line Face Oil 15ml

A super rich face oil to diminish the appearance of fine lines and give your skin a boost of vitality.


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Decleor Aromessence Mandarine Smoothing Super Serum 15ml

A super serum with its main ingredient being Mandarin essential oil that works to prevent the first signs of ageing, correcting fine lines and wrinkles.


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Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm 15ml

A natural night time skin balm to purify, cleanse and tighten pores, so that you wake up with a clearer complexion, with less inflammation and less imperfections and more balance.


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Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang Purifying Serum 15ml

A purifying super serum to reduce excess sebum and shine for oily skin types.


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Monu Skin For Men Facial Oil 30ml

A luxuriously nourishing facial oil that restores your natural moisture balance and improve the skins barrier function to reduce rashes, burns and in growing hairs.


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Monu Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil 30ml

Calm and soothe irritated and sensitive skin, created using hydrating Sandalwood and soothing Lavender essential oils to ensure skin feels comfortable and revitalised.


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Tisserand Apricot Kernel Beauty Oil 50ml

A light textured oil rich in Vitamin A and E suitable for Combination Skin requiring a less intense level of nourishment.


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Decleor Aroma White C+ Brightening Cleansing Oil 150ml

A beautiful light oil to cleanse your skin and remove all traces of make up and daily pollution, leaving your complexion peachy soft, clean and hydrated.


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Decleor Aromessence Marjolaine Nourishing Night Balm 15ml

Use this regenerating meltingly soft night balm to uplift and repair your skin.


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Decleor Cica Botanic Balm 50ml

A natural solution to soothe and repair dry and sensitive skin, with a blend of essential oils and natural waxes to give irritated skin immediate comfort and care.


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Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil 28ml

Nourish and hydrate your skin while you sleep, this easily absorbed face oil with the brands Tranquillity fragrance will give you the best possible nights sleep.


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