Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy

Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy

Browse through our Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy range and transport yourself into the sensorial healing experience, with our latest evergreen blend. This therapeutic essential oil blend has over 22 of natures most caring oils that include uplifting pink pepper, Ho Wood and cleansing juniper berry, entwined with calming Mediterranean cypress and refreshing Sicilian lemon to transport you to nature, grounding and restoring your mind, body and spirit.



Aromatherapy Associates Mini Moment Forest Therapy 9ml

A limited edition gift that includes a miniature Forest Therapy Bath and Shower Oil to pass on the power of aromatherapy.


Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Bath And Shower Oil 55ml

The next best thing to a walk in the woods, a blend of evergreen essential oils that include evergreen Pink Pepper, Juniper Berry, Cypress and refreshing Sicilian Lemon.


Aromatherapy Associates Forever Green Bauble 10ml

A limited edition gift that includes a miniature Breathe Bath and Shower Oil to give a boost of energy and decongest your body and mind.


Aromatherapy Associates Serene Sleep Collection Bodycare Gift Set

Give your body time to fully rest and restore while you sleep with this limited edition aromatherapy collection.


Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Immerse your senses in a healing walk through the forest and allow nature to restore your mind, body and spirit.


Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Wellness Mist 10ml

An aromatic spray to invigorate your senses, just spritz over your body, bed linens or in the air around you and feel the benefits.