Aerotan Instant Temporary Tanning Spray 200ml

Aerotan Instant Temporary Tanning Spray 200ml

Aerotan Instant Temporary Tanning Spray 200ml
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Brand Aerotan
Product Type Instant Tan
Skin Type All Skin Types
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Aerotan Instant Temporary Tanning Spray has a unique aerosol tanning formulation that gives an overall even tan that does not leave skin looking orange. Just spray onto skin and rub in for a temporary non streak tan that dries in seconds. Aerotan won't come off until you next shower and can be applied minutes before going out and is ideal as a quick fix when you need to look your best leaving skin moisturised and soft with a little sparkle.


How to use:

  • Aerotan instantly provides you with a beautiful tanned look.
  • Shake can well, then lightly spray over body (do not saturate).
  • Blend quickly and evenly with hands, then wash hands with soap and water.
  • Avoid contact with clothes until dry.
  • Product does not contain sunscreen and will not protect you from the sun.



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