5 Ways to Still #MakeItIconic this Summer

5 Ways to Still #MakeItIconic this Summer

Summer may be winding down, but theres still plenty of time to pack in iconic moments.

Try something new

Get out of your comfort zone this summer and do something new to you, confidence is key. Big Apple Red is the polish that never fails to complement a bold choice.

Beat the heat with sweets

It is ice cream season, and there are plenty of frosty desserts calling when the temperatures rise. The manimatch to a chill snack? Alpine Snow, of course.

Explore the great outdoors

Save TV bingeing for a colder season. Summer is meant for sunshine and outdoor adventure. Put an outfit in your bag and take a country road trip, finally hike that national park, or spice it up, like the iconic shade Cajun Shrimp.

Bring the bloom

Slow down and find a moment to breathe. Do more than stop to smell the roses, stroll around in them too. If you happen to stumble upon a secret garden, Im Not Really A Waitress is the shade for you.

Fall In Puppy Love

Longer days mean more time to spend with your best friend, adorable doggies. If you do not have your own pup, just squeal at every fur baby passing by, canine kisses are truly iconic and slightly slobbery. The shade for those who are not afraid to show their puppy passion is definitely Mod About You.

Summer is stupendous for creating memories. Armed with this list of ideas, we are sure that between puppy kisses, ice cream, and frolicking in flowers, you will be able to #MakeItIconic. When you capture that memorable moment with the perfect nail polish, be sure to share and tag us on social media using #MakeItIconic

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Emielia Echeverri
Friday, October 18, 2019


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